October 14th – Isabella Cruz

Isabella was born with End-Stage Renal Disease due to renal dysplasia. While her mom was pregnant with her, it appeared she did not have any kidneys at all and doctors said she would only live for a few minutes. She is a miracle baby and has beaten all odds. She made it until she was 4 years old without dialysis! On June 12, 2013 I, her mother, was able to donate my kidney to Isabella. It was a scary but miraculous day and she is now thriving! We love living back in Indiana and are so thankful we made the decisions to transfer her care to Riley.
Not even 2 weeks after her operation, Isabella went home and was playing, running and having fun like nothing ever happened. And the best part is for the first time in her life, she has normal kidney function!
Riley saved Isabella from dialysis and ultimately saved her life. Her quality of life will be so much better now and she can develop and grow as a normal child would. Thank you for all the time and work that you put in. It can never be said enough but who knows where our family would be without Riley and so thank you for spending your time raising money for the hospital that helped our little girl.