October 7th- Hannah Fulford

Hi! My name is Hannah Fulford, and I am from Zionsville, Indiana! I go to Pleasantview Elementary, and I am a congenital heart defect survivor.  I was born in 2004, with four holes in my heart. I had two atrial septal defects and two ventricular septal defects. My breathing was very labored and my heart was enlarged. Because of the holes in my heart, my heart had to work very hard. I was very thin, and I required a feeding tube because I had to eat every four hours-twenty four hours a day. I was in heart was in congestive heart failure, and I was diagnosed as failure to thrive and I had Hypotonia (low muscle tone). When I was three months old, I was admitted into Riley Hospital and had open heart surgery.

I go back to Riley yearly for checkups, and I will require more surgery in the future, but I am not worried because the doctors there are great, and thanks to you, and the money your raise advances are made every day! Now I play lacrosse and sing with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir!