Our Riley Kids

Meet our Riley Kids of the Week!


Week of November 6th


The Phillips Family


  • Our Riley Kids of the Week are the Phillips Family! Kaylie, Hudson, and Landon are all Riley kids and receive ongoing treatment at Riley Hospital. Click the button below to learn more about their story!

Week of October 23rd


Cecil Meyer


  • Our Riley Kid of the Week is Cecil Meyer! Click the button below to learn more about his story!

Week of October 2nd


The Wooldridge Family


  • Our Riley Kids of the Week are Addy and Leo Wooldridge! Click the button below to learn more about their story!

Week of September 25th


My’King Watkins


  • My’King Watkins is our Riley Kid of the Week! They are a new family to PUDM, and we are excited to have them join us. Click the button below to learn more about their story!

Week of September 18th


Hannah Wolfe


  • This week’s Riley Kid of the Week is Hannah Wolfe! Click the button below to learn more about her story!

Week of September 4th


Katherine Alderfer


  • This week's Riley Kid of the Week is Katherine Alderfer! Katherine is 16 years old and from Winona Lake, Indiana. She has a twin sister, Caroline, and she has been a Riley kid since she was age 4. Click the button below to learn more about Katherine's story!

Week of August 7th


Riley Lesh


  • This week's Riley Kid of the Week is Riley Lesh! Although she is one of PUDM’s many Riley kids, she is also heavily involved in IUDM in Bloomington! Click the button below to learn more about Riley's story!

Week of July 10th


Cohen Elliott


  • This week's Riley Kid of the Week is Cohen Elliott! Cohen is paired with the Special Events committee as well as a few other members in the Riley Relations committee. Click the button below to hear about him and his family’s journey over the years!

Week of June 26th


The Waninger Family


  • This week's Riley Kid of the Week is The Waninger Family! The Waninger family is one that can be spotted from a mile away! Ben, Josh, and Nate Waninger are brothers that joined our PUDM family many years ago. To learn more about them and their family, click the button below!

Week of May 15th


Foxx Goetz


  • This week’s Riley Kid of the Week is Foxx Goetz. Foxx was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. He was in need of a lot of initial care, so his family immediately began seeing specialists at Riley for several reasons. Click the button below to read more about Foxx's story!

Week of May 1st


Carter Swathwood


  • This week’s Riley Kid of the Week is Carter Swathwood! Carter recently reached a milestone of raising more than $40,000 for Riley Hospital for Children! Click the button below to read more about Carter's story!

Week of April 17th


McClain Stout


  • This week’s Riley Kid of the Week is McClain Stout! McClain has cystic fibrosis and has been going to Riley Hospital since he was just one week old. Click below to read more about McClain's story!


Week of April 3rd


Brooklyn Anthrop


  • This week’s Riley Kid of the Week, Brooklyn Anthrop! Brooklyn was diagnosed with Autism two years ago and is currently enrolled at Cornerstone Autism Center. Click below to read more about Brooklyn's story!


Week of March 20th


Emily Newcomb


  • Our Riley Kid of the Week is Emily Newcomb! Emily just celebrated 800 days being seizure-free! Click below to read Emily's full Riley story!

RKOTW Bryson-01

Week of March 6th


Bryson Faus


  • This week's Riley Kid of the Week is Bryson Faus! Yesterday, on March 5th, Bryson celebrated his 9th birthday! Click below to read Bryson's full Riley story!

Photo of Rowan

Week of February 20th


Rowan McClellan


  • This week's Riley Kid of the Week is Rowan McClellan! Rowan was born September 15, 2019 with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome. Click below to read Rowan's full Riley story!

Week of February 14th - CHD Awareness Week


Bryson Faus, Rowan McClellan, Emily Newcomb, Ella McBride, Hannah Fulford


Week of February 21st 

Kristopher Kauffman


  • Senior at Twin Lakes High School (Monticello)​
  • Unified Flag Football​
  • Polar Plunge (Special Olympics)​
  • Fan favorite at the Riley Kid Talent Show​
  • Kris loves playing video games and meeting new friends! ​
  • Born premature, FAS, muscle weakness, eye problems

Week of February 28th 

Cecil Meyer


  • Neuroblastoma – originating in his spine, filling chest cavity​
  • Open heart surgery to remove the tumor after chemo​
  • Siblings: Hugo and Irving​
  • Piano, Dancing, Comic Books, Legos, anything that requires lots of energy!

Week of March 7th 

Eli Vangorder


  • October 2013 Eli had headaches, nausea, vomiting
  • Local IU hospital for MRI revealed mass on pineal gland in brain - Pineoblastoma
  • At Riley he went through 6 months of chemo, 33 radiation treatments
  • Today Eli is in remission and does weekly OT, PT, speech, and horse therapy for sustained cognitive and mobility issues from radiation treatment. Eli loves trains, movies, and anything and everything Disney! 
  • He loves meeting new friends in PUDM and is a very happy and social boy!
jameson dolan

Week of March 7th 

Jameson Dolan


  • Omphalocele​
  • Lipomyelomeningocele(form of spina bifida)​
  • Hip dysplasia​
  • Loves - ​
    • Animals, cars/trains, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and playing with his sisters.​
  • Sisters: Olivia and Paige!

Week of March 21st 

Foxx Goetz and Brooklyn Anthrop


Foxx Goetz

  • Down syndrome, eye surgery, tubes in his ears, respiratory syncytial virus, pneumonia ​
    • Still follow with dental, ophthalmology, ENT, GI, and developmental pediatrician

Brooklyn Anthrop

  • Brooklyn has Down syndrome and is mainly non-verbal
  • She has an older brother and a corgi puppy!
  • Brooklyn is also a big fan of the outdoors, and loves dancing, swimming, and ice cream! She is full of smiles, sass, and lots of energy
emily newcom b

Week of March 28th

Emily Newcomb


  • Liver cancer, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, and more. ​
  • 200+ nights at riley, 300+ outpatient visits, and 15 doctors​
  • Emily loves being outdoors, riding bikes, swimming, cats, unicorns, and stars.​

Week of April 4th

Addyson Wooldridge


  • Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, Mylomengicele, Clubbed Feet, neurologic bladder and chari malformation II during pregnancy
  • First surgery at 17 hours old
  • 3rd surgery was at Riley
  • 2020 Riley Champion
  • Life of the party, cheerleader, killer dance moves, resilient, positive, amazing!

Week of April 10th

Lucy Beyers


  • Born with Heterotaxy- organs not in typical places
  • Born with multiple heart defects and malrotation of her intestines
  • First heart surgery at 6 weeks, LADDS procedure at 8 weeks, and open heart surgery at 3 months.
  • Now 9 years old and doing amazing!
  • Lucy is very active and loves art, cheer, dance, and gymnastics!

Week of April 17th

Braylie Kellogg


  • Freshman in high school​
  • Basketball, 4H (Sheep Showing!!), sibling to 8 brothers and sister​
  • 10-year cancer survivor!​
  • Recent leg/hip pain​
  • Hip dysplasia and mass on sacrum
  • Braylie's cancer has since come back and she is currently in a 29 week treatement

Week of April 17th

Tate Hartzler


  • Baseball, basketball, fishing​
  • Dream of traveling to Jamaica because he has a Jamaican coin to spend!​
  • Stage 3 hepatoblastoma when he was ~ 2 months old.​
  • First year involved in PUDM!!

Week of May 2nd

Riley Lesh


  • Emergency C-section only 25 weeks into pregnancy
  • Born at 1.6 pounds and projected to have long term disabilities
  • NICU for over 3 months after birth
  • No lasting effects!
  • Freshman at IU, involved in IUDM
  • Majoring in Exercise Science

Week of May 9th

Carter Swathwood


  • Diagnosed with H1N1 and was transferred to Riley via helicopter
  • Trouble breathing, doctors at Riley worked tirelessly to help him
  • Carter has raised $31,555 for Riley in 7 years
  • Co-President for Harrison High School's DM
  • Senior, runs track and cross country