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Riley Hospital for Children

        In PUDM, we like to ask every member their “why.” Everyone has a different reason “why” they joined this organization, and every reason is unique and special in its own way. This organization has itself own “why.” This is our “why.”

        We say we raise money FTK, but what does that really mean? Every dollar we raise goes directly to Riley Hospital for Children. Each year $100,000 from our total goes to funding the Child Life Zone in the hospital. The Child Life Zone is a place where kids being treated can go to play and have fun. It is a place where kids can be kids to forget why they are in the hospital in the first place. The rest of the money goes to the Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research. This type of research is very important to PUDM because we had two Purdue University students pass away from cancer in recent years. John Romine lost his battle to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2008 and David Feltner passed away from a soft tissue cancer relapse in 2011. We also have a current member of PUDM, Tyler Trent, who is currently battling osteosarcoma for the third time, and the research done at Riley benefits Tyler and other kids like him who are hoping to find a cure for their disease.

        Everything we do is FTK. We want every kid being treated at Riley to come out healthier, stronger and happier than before they came in. We want every kid battling a life-threatening disease be able to say they beat it. We want families not to worry about their children. We want every kid to live their life to the fullest. We raise money, so kids can be kids.
Our organization would not be where it is today without our amazing Riley families. They are the backbone behind this organization. Every family has their own story as to how Riley helped them, and every single one of their stories is a part of our reason “why” we do what we do. Our families support us in every they can by attending our special events, athletic games and sharing their stories for all to hear. Seeing them so strong and positive is what drives us to raise the most money we can FTK.

Our Riley Families