August 18, 2014 – Bryson Faus

We are thrilled to introduce yet another new PUDM family! This week our Riley kid of the week is Bryson Faus and we would like to welcome him and his family to PUDM! Bryson has an amazing story and his experience at Riley is told below.

Bryson Faus was born on March 5th, 2013 in Fort Wayne and was life lined by helicopter to Riley the next day with four congenital heart defects as well as some kidney problems. When he was 5 days old he had his first open-heart surgery to repair two of his defects. Since then he has had another open-heart surgery, two heart caths, two general surgeries, and four kidney surgeries. In all, he has spent roughly 4.5 months at Riley.

Although Bryson has been through more in his 17 short months than most people have to endure in their entire life, he is still the happiest, silliest, sweetest, most energetic little guy I have ever known. He is now g-tube free, only on two heart medications and a propholactic antibiotic to protect against UTIs, completely off oxygen and no longer requires a heart monitor.

We will never be able to thank everyone at Riley enough for what they have done for Bryson and our family. From our first, terrifying day there we have known that he was in the best possible care and we have trusted his medical team 110%. Because of Riley, Bryson was giving a fighting chance. Without their intervention, there is no doubt that Bryson would not be with us today. The nurses at Riley are truly gifted and show such care and compassion to each of their patients.

Again, we are so excited to welcome the Faus family and we cannot wait to get to know them.