The Waninger Family

The Waninger Family

“Our Riley story started in 2009 when our youngest son, Joshua, was 2 days old. Josh was life-lined to Riley and underwent emergency surgery to repair his ruptured bowel. Riley doctors saved his life that day. He was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease as well as Down Syndrome. He’s a very compassionate (and rambunctious) 14 year old now and we are very thankful for that. He continues to struggle with a roller coaster of bowel issues, but hasn’t had any overnight stays at Riley for almost 6 years now so that’s a win!


Our Riley story grew in 2018. During a routine annual physical, Nate was thought to be anemic. He was sent immediately to Riley for further testing and observation. A few weeks later his twin brother, Ben, was found to be anemic also. We have continued to work with Riley hematology and GI doctors to get to the root of the iron deficiencies since 2018.


In late 2022, we found out that both Ben and Nate have a rare GI disease that can cause anemia and fatigue. At this point there is no cure for it nor medicine to help, but at least we know what we are dealing with now. Iron is monitored quarterly and infusions given as needed to keep their iron levels high.


Ben and Nate will be able continue to work with Riley doctors throughout their time in college since they will both remain in Indiana. Nate will be at Purdue and Ben will be at Ball State starting in August, 2023.


Over the years, we have worked with doctors and nurses from many different departments. All of them have given 100% to our children and family. What a blessing Riley Hospital is for the families of central Indiana and beyond!”


-The Waninger Family