October 21, 2013 – Lexi Burpo

Lexi is a spunky, outgoing, athletic, kind-hearted little girl. She is extremely active and loves to play soccer and do gymnastics! Lexi doesn’t know a stranger, and while she may try to come off as bashful when she first meets someone new, they are sure to be her new best friend within 5 minutes!! Lex is an extreme animal lover and even says she wants to be a zoo keeper when she grows up! Any movie with an animal in it, especially the Buddies movies, are guaranteed to be labeled as her favorites, next to Cinderella that is! Lexi talks about her experience and surgery at Riley Children’s Hospital frequently, even though she was only 2 years old at the time, and understands how much the staff there helped her, especially Dr. Agostino! Because of this, she has grown a love for paying it forward and even has a lemonade stand & bake sale in the works.

In July of 2010, at 2 years old, Lexi literally woke up one day with a large mass under her chin. After nearly three months of testing without any answers, Lexi’s pediatrician & ear, nose, throat specialist referred her to Dr. Michael Agostino at Riley Children’s Hospital. After finally being diagnosed with an unknown bacterial infection, Dr. Agostino and his staff performed life-saving surgery to remove two of Lexi’s lymph nodes and skin, all of which were infected with the bacteria that was taking over Lexi’s tiny body. 3 years later, thanks to the staff at Riley, Lexi is now a healthy and thriving five-year-old little girl!!