September 15th, 2019- Sloane Davisson

Sloane and her family are a new Riley Family for PUDM this year. Sloane recently turned 3 years old and enjoys dance, gymnastics, and music. Read about her Riley story as told by her mom below:

“Sloane was diagnosed in November of 2017 with stage 4 bilateral retinoblastoma, advanced cancer in both of her eyes. She was only 15 months old. This particular cancer is very rare, and Riley is the only hospital in Indiana that has a retinoblastoma specialist. Immediately upon diagnosis Sloane underwent further testing which showed us this cancer was caused from a genetic mutation and something that she will live her life with. From November 2017-May 2018, Sloane went through chemotherapy at Riley every 4 weeks. Thursday’s and Friday’s were our chemo days. The summer involved a few trips to NYC for further treatment recommended by her doctor for Sloane’s right eye. Sloane underwent multiple treatments directly to her eyes to treat the cancer on top of chemotherapy. While her tumors behaved well while she was going through chemo, in June of 2018 the cancer started worsening in her left eye. In July of 2018 Sloane had her left eye removed at Riley to keep the cancer from spreading to her brain. While that surgery proved to be no walk in the park, she finally got her new prosthetic eye just before thanksgiving in 2018.  Sloane is in remission now, she is happy and thriving and keeps everyone around her laughing. Sloane goes back to Riley every 3 months for check ups with her oncologist. She also has eye exams under anesthesia every 6-8 weeks with Dr. Plager, her ophthalmologist. These eye exams will be frequent for the next few years as she’s still at a high risk of her cancer coming back until age 5 or 6. Sloane loves her big sister Audrey, loves gymnastics and dancing, and is one of the funniest kids I’ve met. Her spirit is high and we always say cancer never stood a chance against her.”