PUDM 2014 Executive Board Revealed

The 2014 Presidential Board is pleased to announce the 2014 Executive Board. Thank you to all that applied, your passion for the kids is what keeps PUDM going. We are looking forward to an exciting year, dreaming big, for the kids. 

Alyssa Fields- Fundraising Executive
Amber Callahan- Special Events Executive
Lauren Lalioff- Corporate Executive
Katie Curtis- Stewardship and Education Executive
Kayla Bacon- Merchandise Executive
Brittany Siegler- Mini Marathons Executive
Paul Olis- Mini Marathons Executive
Chrisitan Gatmaitan- Community Outreach Executive
Jaqueline Fegan- Operations Executive
Katie Cantrell- Dancer Relations Executive
Kelcie Scoville- Riley Development Executive
Lucas Goedde- Riley Development Executive
Whitney Popp- Entertainment Executive
Candace Popp- Morale Executive 
Tim Rohrbach- Morale Executive 
Megan Grassl- Catering Executive 
Courtney Smith- Public Relations Executive
Joe Fehribach- Greek Relations Executive
Amanda Coons- Greek Relations Executive
Aharon Hannan- Technology Executive
Luke Smedley- New Student Outreach Executive 
Anna Kacius- Student Organizations Outreach Executive 
Kelley Reidy- Alumni and Faculty Outreach Executive 
Brian Holcombe- Athletic Outreach Executive