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There are so many ways to get involved

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Take Your First Step Into PUDM

Here are three amazing ways you can start your PUDM journey!


  • No PUDM Events
  • No Meetings
  • No Commitments
  • No Grouping
  • No Fundraising Goal
  • Dream Big


  • Attend PUDM Events
  • No Weekly Meeting
  • No Recurring Commitment
  • Join as Individual, with Friends, or with Greek House
  • $250 Fundraising Goal
  • Dream Big

Committee Member

  • Attend PUDM Events
  • 1 Weekly Meeting
  • 1-3 Hrs. / Week
  • Group with Similar Interests
  • Help PUDM operate
  • $920 Fundraising Goal
  • Dream Big
As a donor to Purdue University Dance Marathon, you support our fundraising efforts and help raise money for Riley Hospital for Children. Being a Donor for PUDM requires no time-commitment or participation in our events. You get the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting such a great cause and funding miracles that happen every day.
We say we raise money to Change Kids' Health and Change the Future, but what does that really mean? Every dollar we raise goes directly to Riley Hospital for Children. Each year the first $100,000 raised goes to funding the Child Life Programs in the hospital. The Child Life Program gives kids the opportunity to understand more about their treatments while also being able to play and have fun. It allows kids can be kids. The rest of the money goes to the Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research. This type of research is very important to PUDM because we had four Purdue University students pass away from cancer in recent years. John Romine lost his battle to Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2008, David Feltner passed away from a soft tissue cancer relapse in 2011 and Ben Harmon lost his battle to Ewing's Sarcoma in 2018. More recently, in January of 2019, Tyler Trent, PUDM chair and Purdue sports super fan, passed away from osteosarcoma. The research done at Riley benefits kids like Tyler who are hoping to find a cure for their disease. Each year, $10,300 of our total fundraising goes to the Tyler Trent Cancer Research Endowment, which is part of the Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric Research at Riley Hospital.
Committee Member

Take On More Leadership

Here are two ways you can take on leadership within your role as a Committee Member

Team Captain

  • All benefits of a CM
  • 2-3 Meetings / Semester
  • Motivate a team of students
  • Educate team about PUDM cause
  • Contact point between PUDM leadership and team
  • Dream Big


  • All benefits of a CM
  • Welcome others into the organization
  • Go "buddy dates" with your new members
  • Attend PUDM events with new members
  • Share joy of PUDM with others
  • Mentor and motivate new members
  • Dream Big
Team Captain
A Team Captain is a student leader who leads a group of participants for the marathon. As a Team Captain you will be responsible for leading a team, preparing participants for the marathon, and answering any questions they may have. You will be the main liaison between the leadership team and the participants.

Take Ownership within PUDM

Want more out of PUDM? Become a member of Chamber (PUDM's leadership team)


  • All CM Benefits
  • 2 Weekly Meetings
  • 6-10 Hrs. / Week
  • Leadership within Committee
  • Take Ownership of Tasks and Roles
  • Meet more people within PUDM
  • $1924 Fundraising Goal
  • Dream Big


  • All Chair Benefits
  • 3 Weekly Meetings
  • 4 Office Hours
  • 12-15 Hrs. / Week
  • Lead Committee
  • Steer Direction of PUDM
  • Mentor Chairs and CMs
  • Meet Riley Staff
  • Work with people across committees
  • $3200 Fundraising Goal
  • Dream Big

Presidential Board

  • All Executive Benefits
  • 4 Weekly Meetings
  • Hold Office Hours
  • 20 Hrs./Week
  • Lead Chamber
  • Delegate and plan long-term projects
  • Coordinate multiple committees
  • Mentor Executives
  • Work with campus, Riley, and PUDM leadership
  • $5000 Fundraising Goal
  • Dream Big