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Interested in starting your own High School Marathon?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our High School Marathon Relations Executive, Carly Sandrock at hsrelations@pudm.org.

If you're interesting in setting up your own high school marathon, click the button below to fill out an interest form Click here.

Our High School Marathons

Fishers High School

Amount Raised: $100,426.87

  • First PUDM HSDM to hit 100K
  • The Riley families love their marathon and their big event, fishers fashion show

Franklin Central High School

Amount Raised: $45,821.78

  • Have a very organized board with lots of committees covering specific aspects of their marathon
  • Treated the Riley kids like rock stars at their marathon

Hamilton Southeastern High School

Amount Raised: $51,034.29

  • This school hit 50k for the first time this year
  • Had a dance battle this year that was super fun and involved all of the students

Harrison High School

Amount Raised: $11,402.24

  • Only a 2nd year marathon but raised over 10k both years!
  • Their theme hours are really popular with the students

Herron High School

Amount Raised: $14,435.76

  • This school has such a great atmosphere. The students are always dancing and really enjoying themselves.
  • They also have outdoor games which gives them more room!

Mooresville High School

Amount Raised: $8,324.61

  • Unique because they have their marathon after school leading up to a basketball game where they do their total reveal which brings together the whole school.

Pioneer High School

Amount Raised: $8,471.02

  • Marathon is during school and the reveal is at pep rally at the end of the school day
  • Small school with a lot of passion

Twin Lakes High School

Amount Raised: $9,618.24

  • Super fun activities throughout their marathon like face painting and 9 square
  • All of their games and activities involved the Riley kids which made them all feel special

West Lafayette High School

Amount Raised: $25,004.23

  • WLDM has super energized students ready to have fun! They do minute to win it games between color tracks which creates friendly competition!

Battleground Elementary School

Amount Raised: $1,269.41

  • Battleground elementary's dance marathon is organized by PUDM's HSMR committee.
  • The advisor started the marathon because her daughter was president of PUDM in 2014, Justine Geisler.

Klondike Elementary School

Amount Raised: $3,253.17

  • These klondike elementary nuggets have so much passion at such a young age!
  • Their student council picks their theme and learns the morale dance for their after school marathon.