Cecil Meyer

“Cecil was born in the summer of 2013. When he was 3 months old we began noticing some breathing problems. His pediatrician gave him some antibiotics to try, and then some others, and then a Nebulizer with several different medications, and it went with no impact. At the end of February, 2014, he started frequently having a very red, but cold, right arm and hand. His pediatrician suggested getting an x-ray to check things out, but the hand didn't seem to 'bother' Cecil, so we decided against pursuing it further.

On March 3, 2014, Cecil began coughing and wheezing really badly. He was literally struggling to breathe. In the morning, his pediatrician, after several failed attempts at trying to relieve him with a nebulizer treatment, sent him to the hospital. As soon as they got those results, they called for a Lifeline to Riley Hospital. They would not tell us what was going on. One nurse said they thought he might have pneumonia.


When we arrived at Riley, they told us that they initially thought he might have Tuberculosis, and had him isolated because of that. However, what he did have was a large tumor, and they were not sure what it was. The tumor was blocking off his trachea, which was only open 1 mm at that point. The Doctor in the PICU told us he wasn't sure if Cecil would make it through the night. We couldn't hold or feed him. Three miserable days later we finally got the results: it was cancer: Neuroblastoma, originating from his spine, and filling his chest cavity. That same day they started chemotherapy.


May 27, 2014, Cecil had open heart surgery to remove the tumor. They got the tumor out and in the end, didn't have to sacrifice any nerves to do it! We are so extremely blessed to now have a CANCER FREE, happy boy. Cecil's only lasting side effect from Cancer, besides some cool scars, is Horner's Syndrome.


Cecil is our oldest boy and he has 3 younger brothers now. Cecil is in 4th grade at St. James Lutheran School. In 2021 he played Oliver in Oliver! the musical. He plays the piano, is a Webelo cub scout, was in soccer in the spring, and is currently in tap dance lessons.”


- The Meyer Family