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Each year, the Morale Committee composes and choreographs a line dance that is performed at each marathon. For nostalgia purposes, here are some of our past morale mixes that were featured in our dance marathons. Marathons prior to 2012 did not have a theme associated with the event.

PUDM 2017

Mission to Miracles
Raised: $1,125,293.19

PUDM 2016

Building Hope
Raised: $1,060,247.16

PUDM 2015

Celebrate With Us
Raised: $1,101,297.26

PUDM 2014

The B1G Marathon
Raised: $1,002,510.28

PUDM 2013

An Army of Hope
Raised: $1,000,471.03

PUDM 2010

Raised: $315,750.19 (Distributed across two marathons)