As a dancer you have the opportunity to participate in the 18-hour dance marathon and events throughout the year. It is a great opportunity to be involved on Purdue’s campus and get together with enthusiastic and genuine students that are all fighting for the same cause. (first par. on “Student’s page - all on “Learn More”)

Although it is called a dance marathon you are not required to dance at all if you choose not to. We do however stand for the full 18 hours, for those who cannot. Throughout the 18 hours at the marathon a morale line dance is taught and a talent show featuring our Riley Kids is performed. We have many entertainment acts come, in the past these have featured a hypnotist, Bruce the Piano Man and a DJ so we have have a neon rave in the middle of the night! We cater in plenty of food to keep you going and we love to play games!

Dancers are required to raise a minimum of $250 through their Convio account in order to participate in the Dance Marathon, but with the help of family and friends and fundraising tips from past dancers/committee members/executives it is possible! Be sure to check out our fundraising link for helpful tips also!

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