May 24th, 2015 – Caleb Hoppe

On May 21, 2012, at 17 months old Caleb went to his Laporte pediatrician for blood work for unexplained bruising. Later that night we got a call from Caleb’s pediatrician saying go to South Bend Memorial oncology/hematology for another blood draw.

That night in a conference room they told us the horrific news…Caleb has Leukemia. Since it was so late at night by the time all was said and done in the morning we were rushed, by ambulance, to Riley Children Hospital.

That morning at Riley Caleb underwent a bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap to see what type of leukemia, see if it spread to spinal column and brain.  Luckily they found NO leukemia cells in spinal fluid!!! And he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He was put on average risk treatment plan (low, average, and high risks plans) because he was under 2, and amount of leukemic cells found in blood samples.

We stayed at Riley for 6 days. In those 6 days Caleb had surgery for port placement, started chemo, had another spinal tap, another bone marrow biopsy, and had blood and platelets transfusions. Saying it was a rough week was an understatement.

Seth and I then had to make a big decision…Stay at Riley for treatments (treatments over 3 years for boys) or change to South Bend Memorial. Riley hospital was absolutely wonderful but we didn’t feel comfortable being 2 1/2 hours away from our doctor. So we met up with the oncologist in South Bend Memorial hospital and loved her. We feel a lot more comfortable being 45 minutes away rather than 2 1/2 hours away.

Leukemia treatment is unusual because it’s in blood and blood travels everywhere. There are no stages. There are 6 phases of treatment: Induction, consolidation, intermin maintenance 1, delayed intensification, interim maintenance 2, and then maintenance. Complete treatment for a boy is 3 years, 3 months and for girls 2 years. Theses phases are all different and involve harsh IV chemo, oral chemo, spinal taps, bone marrow biopsy, steroids, and injections.

Caleb went back to Riley at the end of month 1 for another bone marrow biopsy. My Dr. likes the same set of eyes looking at the samples. Caleb also still gets his daily oral chemo from Riley. And if anything should happen with the port Riley will also be the one to fix/replace. And when we have completed treatment on July 31, 2015 Caleb will go back to Riley to get port removed.

Caleb was in remission early on… June 1, 2012. Although in remission leukemia has the tendency to come back so the treatment is a long process to keep it away for good. Caleb is in the final phase of treatment, the maintenance phase. He now receives IV chemo every 4 weeks, spinal tap every 12 week, oral chemo daily, steroids twice a day for a week every month, and antibiotic on weekends.

Caleb had a rough year last year. We were at the hospital at least 1 time a week. He missed EVERY holiday. Along with harsh chemicals pumped into Caleb’s body he also had numerous blood, platelets, and IVIG transfusions. Caleb is a fighter and now his hair came back, he has more energy, and looks great. What more could we ask for. Bring on July 31, 2015!

PUDM 2014 Executive Board Revealed

The 2014 Presidential Board is pleased to announce the 2014 Executive Board. Thank you to all that applied, your passion for the kids is what keeps PUDM going. We are looking forward to an exciting year, dreaming big, for the kids. 

Alyssa Fields- Fundraising Executive
Amber Callahan- Special Events Executive
Lauren Lalioff- Corporate Executive
Katie Curtis- Stewardship and Education Executive
Kayla Bacon- Merchandise Executive
Brittany Siegler- Mini Marathons Executive
Paul Olis- Mini Marathons Executive
Chrisitan Gatmaitan- Community Outreach Executive
Jaqueline Fegan- Operations Executive
Katie Cantrell- Dancer Relations Executive
Kelcie Scoville- Riley Development Executive
Lucas Goedde- Riley Development Executive
Whitney Popp- Entertainment Executive
Candace Popp- Morale Executive 
Tim Rohrbach- Morale Executive 
Megan Grassl- Catering Executive 
Courtney Smith- Public Relations Executive
Joe Fehribach- Greek Relations Executive
Amanda Coons- Greek Relations Executive
Aharon Hannan- Technology Executive
Luke Smedley- New Student Outreach Executive 
Anna Kacius- Student Organizations Outreach Executive 
Kelley Reidy- Alumni and Faculty Outreach Executive 
Brian Holcombe- Athletic Outreach Executive

PUDM 2013 Final Count & Exec Board Remarks

On behalf of the PUDM 2013 executive board, we would like to express our deepest gratitude and honor to announce our final total of $1,000,471.03. We never could have accomplished such a large goal without the support and mindset or our army of hope. To all of our soldiers, you have changed our lives, you have changed the lives of the students at Purdue, you have changed the lives of participants of dance marathons nation wide, and most importantly you have changed the lives of the children and families of Riley Hospital for Children for the better! There are not enough words to express our thanks to everyone that has supported us this year!

S&E, Mini Marathon Executive 2014 Members Selected

PUDM would like to extend a HUMONGOUS CONGRATULATIONS to the first three members of the 2014 Executive Board!!! Katie Curtis will act as our 2014 Stewardship and Education Executive. Paul Olis & Brittany Siegler will act as the 2014 Mini Marathons Co-Chairs!!! Congratulations to all three of you and we’re so excited and honored to have you as a part of the executive family!!!


Fall Fundraising Campaign

Happy October! The marathon is quickly approaching and we are getting more and more impressed each day with your enthusiasm, passion, and dedication. We want to first congratulate all September FUNdraising Campaign winners and thank you for your commitment to fundraising to our incredible cause. Congratulations to all our weekly winners and Jennifer Nance for winning a brand new Sony TV!

I’m excited to announce the October FUNdraising Campaign is going to focus on ONE BIG ITEM – a brand new Sony camera!!! We haven’t gotten specifics about which model exactly, but what we can share is that it will be a brand new digital camera! For every $100 you fundraise throughout the month of October, your name is entered into the drawing to win the prize. This means if you raise $100 your name is entered 1 time, $300 it’s entered 3 times, and so on.


PUDM’s Website Gets a Facelift!

Purdue University Dance Marathon and the Technology Committee want you to check out our new website!

We have cleaned up the interface, added a user-friendly navigation and included a variety of new features to better help serve you.

The main intention of the new site is to maximize the technological productivity within the organization and create a channel for viewers to better understand our organization. We’ve developed a site that is user friendly and now all applications and correspondence are at the touch of a button.

We strive to constantly improve the site and functionality. We ask, if you would like to provide any feedback about the site, please send any comments through the online contact form.

Thanks a Million, For the Kids!

Aharon Hannan
Technology Committee Captain and Webmaster