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Raise $1,000 in 9 Days

There is nothing wrong with setting a big fundraising goal, but it can be helpful to have a plan on how you expect to raise it. Here is a simple strategy on how to raise $1000 in only nine days:

Day 1: Start by donating $50 to yourself.

Day 2: Ask two family members to sponsor you for $50.

Day 3: Ask ten friends to contribute $20.

Day 4: Ask five co-workers to each contribute $20.

Day 5: Ask five neighbours to each contribute $20.

Day 6: Ask ten people from a club, team or place of worship that you are a member of, to each donate $10.

Day 7: Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50 (or find out if your company will match what you raise)

Day 8: Ask five businesses with which your company works to sponsor you for $40.

Day 9: Ask four businesses you frequent (for example your barber/hairstylist, dry cleaner, doctor/dentist office, etc.) to contribute $25.

Day 10: Share your success with a friend.

How to Fundraise $500

  • Canning with a friend for three hours at Walmart
  • Saving $10 for 10 weeks
  • Asking 10 friends and family members for $10
  • Host a skip-a-meal in your town
  • Miscellaneous (baby-sitting, cutting the grass, asking businesses you are interning with, having garage sales, etc.)

Raising money for the kids is priceless

Raise $100

  • Ask two family members to sponsor you for $25 each.
  • Ask five friends to contribute $5 each
  • Attend one canning session (~$25)

Easy Ways to Raise Money!

1. Donate yourself! It all begins with you.

2. Ask family members

3. Ask friends of family members

4. Ask your friends

5. Ask professors you know well

6. Ask your neighbors and classmates

7. Ask your doctor/lawyer/dentist/banker/optometrist

8. Create box for loose change to be collected

9. On your birthday ask for Dance Marathon donations instead of gifts

10. Sell old clothes to a consignment store and donate the money earned

11. Hold a game night for your parents and their friends and charge admission to come play poker, bridge, etc.

12. Hold a bake sale

13. Babysit and donate your earnings

14. Mow your neighbor’s lawn and ask for a donation to Dance Marathon

15. Sell books and donate the money

16. Ask your parents to ask their co-workers

17. Pick up cans and recycle them for money

18. Hold a carwash asking for donations

19. Write a letter to family and friends or use the Dance Marathon website and e-mail

20. Make posters and put them in a business that allows and put a change can by it

21. Maybe your church will take up a collection for you

22. Start a piggybank just for DM

Follow Up!

  1. If you have not received a response from someone, make a phone call or send a quick note to make sure that they haven’t forgotten your request.
  2. You can do this by sending an “update” on your progress towards your fundraising goal.
  3. When you receive a donation from someone, let them know that their contribution, whatever the amount, is important to you and that you appreciate it. You can send thank you emails directly from your DonorDrive fundraising page and track who you have sent them to
  4. After the event, you may want to send out a newsletter or an email with some photos, and an additional thank you for your donors’ support.