Dancer: As a dancer you have the opportunity to participate in the 18-hour dance marathon. It is a great opportunity to be involved on Purdue’s campus and get together with enthusiastic and genuine students that are all fighting for the same cause.

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Committee Member: As a committee member you have the opportunity to be more involved in the planning and executing of all of the events throughout the year and the Dance Marathon. There are more opportunities to meet the Riley kids and families and express your ideas for events and the marathon.

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Fundraising: With the help of the executive board, committee members and other students, there are many suggestions for how a participant can raise money for Riley Hospital. There are suggestions for how to raise $1,000 in 9 days, How to Fundraise $500 and many other tips on how to fundraise.

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Events: Check out the upcoming events that PUDM has to offer. From Skip-A-Meals, to special events, to the Marathon, all of the information is located on the calendar.

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Share Your Story: Tell us your experience with PUDM and why you have decided to get involved, how PUDM has impacted your life, or anything that is on your mind. We would love to hear from you!

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