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How Your Student Organization Can Help

Student organizations can for a mutually beneficial relationship with PUDM!

  • Create a team for your organization
  • Participate in Color Wars
  • Partner with us for events!
  • Anything you want!

How PUDM Can Help Your Organization

  • Gain publicity for your organization
  • Meet other wonderful students on campus
  • Bond as an organization by spending time together by giving back to an amazing cause
  • Meet Riley Kids
  • Get involved in one of the greatest experience of a Purdue student

How To Register Your Organization for PUDM

  1. Head to
  2. Click on “Start a Team”
  3. Walk through the remaining steps to register as a new participant on your team
  4. Encourage the rest of your organization to join your team!
  5. Start fundraising!
  6. (Optional) Get a pYOUdm link for your team

Do you have any further questions? We have answers! Email for any inquiries.