October 28, 2013 – Maison Kurmay

/October 28, 2013 – Maison Kurmay

October 28, 2013 – Maison Kurmay

Age: 6

Born: 5/4/2007

Location: Avon, Indiana

Story: Maison Kurmay is a spunky six year old with enough personality to feed an entire army and an infectious smile that could make even Grumpy crack a grin. He loves to draw, write, and read, and when it comes to dancing, Maison is a natural. He has an older sister Makenna, who is also a Riley kid and participates in PUDM. Because of Makenna’s health conditions, Maison’s mother Traci had various tests conducted on her while she was pregnant with Maison. An amniocentesis test indicated that Maison would have Down syndrome and an inversion in his number 2 chromosome. Not knowing what to expect with these health conditions, Doctors warned Traci that she might lose her baby at any point; however, Traci remained hopeful and positive. Like a miracle, Maison was born on time and weighed 5 pounds 15 pounces. After he was born, Maison was treated at the special care nursery at the University Hospital connected to Riley due to his low heart rate and oxygen needs. He came home a week later on oxygen and eating from a bottle. Over the next few months, Maison underwent sleep studies and monitoring on his oxygen. After a few months he came off the oxygen and continues to lead a healthy life to this day.