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Organization/Event Title

  • Formal Reference: Purdue University Dance Marathon
  • Secondary Reference: PUDM

Hospital/Affiliation Title

  • Formal Reference: Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health
  • Secondary Reference: Riley Hospital for Children
  • Continuous Mentions: Riley, Riley Hospital
  • Not Acceptable: Riley Children’s Hospital
  • Formal Reference: Riley Children’s Foundation
  • Secondary Reference: RCF
  • Formal Reference: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • Secondary Reference: CMN Hospitals

Common Phrases

  • FTK – For The Kids
  • PUDMFTK – Purdue University Dance Marathon, For The Kids

Fundraising Techniques

  • Canning – Fundraising by holding Riley Buckets outside shops/streets and verbally asking for donations

Leadership Titles

  • Formal Reference: Presidential Board
  • Secondary Reference: Quad
  • Positions: President, Vice President External, Vice President Finance, Vice President Internal, Vice President Membership
  • Formal Reference: Executive Board
  • Secondary Reference: Exec
  • Positions: President, Vice President External, Vice President Finance, Vice President Internal, Vice President Membership, Executive Secretary, Accounting, Corporate Partnerships, Dancer Relations, Development, Fundraising, Hospitality, Logistics, Mini Marathons, Morale, Outreach, Productions, Public Relations, Riley Relations, Special Events, and Stewardship
  • Formal Reference: Committee Chairs
  • Secondary Reference: Chairs
  • Positions: Accounting- Distance Donations, Local Donations, Accounting Management; Corporate Partnerships- Entry Level Corporate Donations, Student Org Partnerships, Corporate Strategy, and In-Kind Chair; Fundraising- Fundraising Campaigns, Fundraising Challenges, Fundraising Development; Hospitality- Marathon, Skip-A-Meal; Logistics- Facilities, Entertainment, Marathon Operations, and Dancer Management; Mini Marathons- High School Relations(2), Mini Marathons Accounting, and Mini Marathons Secretary; Morale- Stewardship, Color Track, and Member Relations; Outreach- Fraternity, Sorority, Cooperative, New Student Outreach, Student Organization, and Athletic Outreach; Productions- Graphics, Videography and Photography, Merchandise, Technology; Public Relations- PR Communications, Promotional Weeks, University Relations; Riley Relations- Events, Pairings, and Riley Relations Strategy; Special Events- Special Events Chairs (3) and Special Events Communication
  • Formal Reference: Committee Members
  • Positions: Corporate Partnerships, Fundraising, Hospitality, Logistics, Mini Marathons, Morale, Outreach, Productions, Public Relations, Riley Relations, and Special Events
  • Formal Reference: Dancer