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PUDMail is the easiest way to reach out to friends, family, professors and loved ones.  It is a quick and easy way to ask for their support in ending childhood illnesses. PUDMail offers pre-written email templates that includes your personal information into.  There is even a section to add your own personal message.  PUDMail is a great way to raise money FTK! All you need is Internet access and someone with an email address!

HOW to use PUDMail

PUDM has several different templates that you can choose from based on who you are and who you are reaching out to.  After selecting the appropriate message, you will fill in the information boxes and then click “SUBMIT”! Your email is then on its way to the recipient! You are encouraged to send a “test” email to yourself first, just so you can get a preview of what the message says. You can even forward that message to multiple recipients if you wish to take that approach.

NOTE: For security reasons, PUDMail has moved to myPUDM. Please login to myPUDM to access the service.