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Each member of Purdue University Dance Marathon is encouraged to fundraise his or her minimum for the marathon in November.  Your position within PUDM determines your fundraising minimum. 



Dancers are encouraged to fundraise $200 for admission to the marathon.

Committee Member


Committee Members are required to fundraise $750 within a week before the marathon for admission.

Committee Chairs


Committee Chairs are required to fundraise $1,700 within a week before the marathon for admission.

Fundamental Fundraising Techniques

Have you ever heard of the terms “canning” or “skip-a-meal”? You can set one up yourself! Here are some easy steps to get you started.

Setting Up A Canning

A canning is fundraising event where you take a Red Riley bucket to a Wal-Mart, Kroger, or other store and collect donations for Riley Hospital for Children.  PUDM has many organization wide cannings available through out the year.  Below are instructions on how a member of PUDM can set up a canning on your own. 

  1. Call a local business (e.g. Walmart or Kroger) and ask to speak to someone about setting up a fundraiser. This is usually a manager or someone in the business office.
  2. Introduce yourself to this person and mention your name, and that you are with Purdue University Dance Marathon – an organization raises money year round for Riley Hospital for Children. IT IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL THAT YOU GET THIS PERSON’S NAME AND TITLE FOR REFERENCE IN CASE AN ISSUE COMES UP LATER ON.
  3. They will ask the dates and times you would like. Then, they will typically verify if that date and time works. Some businesses will need this information faxed over in letter form.If this is the case please contact to get the correct letter sent to them on the PUDM letterhead, with the appropriate information, and signature at the bottom. Make sure your email specifies, the location, time, date, person of contact, and place it must be sent, either by fax, mail, or email. If you plan to hand deliver the letter, it can be sent to your personal email for you to print off.
  4. If the dates work, you might be asked to come in before the canning to sign a form. This is usually done at the Customer Service desk.
  5. On the day of the canning, arrive a couple of minutes early in order to check in with customer service.

Setting Up A Skip-A-Meal

A Skip-A-Meal is a fundraising event that takes place at a restaurant.  The restaurant donates a percentage of their proceeds to Purdue University Dance Marathon.  PUDM has many organization wide Skip-A-Meals.  Below are instructions on how you can set-up a personal Skip-A-Meal and get the money donated to your fundraising page. 

Set up: Setting up Skip-A-Meals is much easier than perceived. With Purdue University Dance Marathon, we have acquired many contacts in the community around Purdue, which makes contacting businesses easy. If an organization does not have many contact options, simply call their main phone number. Once someone has picked up the phone, ask to speak with the manager regarding a Skip-A-Meal. Several scenarios will happen.

  • The manager will be there and can talk
  • The manager will not be there
  • Another number or email will be given for contact

Questions: Once the contact information has been obtained, there are several questions that need to be considered:

  • Date and time – Many businesses have skip-a-meals during off days (Mon-Wed) and sometimes outside of peak hours (outside of 5-11pm). However, some are willing to work for a greater cause. This all depends on the manager and business.
  • Flyer – This one is huge. All flyer ideas should be sent to (PUDMA is different) for branding purposes. Here are the major questions about the flyer.
    • Ask the manager for logos that can be used on the flyer
    • Do the customers need the flyer for it to count towards the organization?
    • Do the customers simply mention PUDM?
    • Do purchases of delivery and carryout count as well?

Promote: Finally once the flyer is ready to go share it with social media and promote!

Finding A Corporate Sponsor

This is an opportunity for you to get a corporate sponsorship for Purdue University Dance Marathon.  If you secure a corporate sponsorship that is new to PUDM, 20% of their donation will go directly to your fundraising page.  We encourage you to contact the company in whichever way you believe best benefits the company and your relationship with them.

If you have any questions or need more tips about asking for a corporate sponsorship, contact

Important Fundraising Documents

These documents can be downloaded to your computer to assist with contacting potential donors. The fundraising letter template is a Word Document that you can personalize and send out to friends, family, coaches, and other potential donors. The Boiler Society Packet provides an overview of being a part of Boiler Society, along with its incentives and benefits.

You could also...

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    Sell Candy Bars

    Buy candy bars in bulk and sell them for $1.

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    Run for Donations

    Run a 5K, Mini-Marathon, Marathon, or other organized run and ask for donations for each mile that you run! 

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    Offer Services

    Turn those old household chores into a fundraising technique! Babysit, mow the grass, rake leaves, give rides to class, give friends sober rides, clean houses, tutor, or anything (legally of course) you can think of!

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    Ask Your Tinder Matches

    Need we say more?

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    Share Your Fundraising Link

    Share your fundraising link on social media, have your friends and family share your link. Share it regularly! To make your link much easier to share and remember, you can request a pYOUdm link.

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    Host an Event

    You can host game nights, pick-em leagues, sports bracket challenges, skip-a-meals, dinners, and anything else that comes to your mind!

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    Embarrass Yourself

    Do something embarrassing for a donation! Examples include, but are not limited to, posting an embarrassing picture, shaving your head, dying your hair, and dressing crazy in public.

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    Sell Your Old Stuff

    Use auction sites such as eBay®, take old clothes to Plato’s Closet, Goodwill, or similar stores, and have a yard sale.

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    Start A Piggy Bank!

    Start a change jar! Save any loose change you have over a period of time and donate it to yourself!

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    Writing Letters

    You can write a letter or send an email to friends, family, professors, and coworkers, and send it through snail mail. Have you also checked out PUDMail – an expedited solution to send out fundraising messages to people who are closest to you?

Personalize your fundraising page link by requesting a pYOUdm. It will shorten your fundraising link, making it easier to remember and share with others.

PUDMail is the easiest way to reach out to friends, family, professors and loved ones.  It is a quick and easy way to ask for their support in ending childhood illnesses. PUDMail offers pre-written email templates that includes your personal information into.  There is even a section to add your own personal message.  PUDMail is a great way to raise money FTK! All you need is Internet access and someone with an email address!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Megan O’Brian at, or Larkin Cooper at

Good luck FUNdraising!