Executive Board

Purdue University Dance Marathon

Executive Board

Executive Board

The executive board is the backbone of Purdue University Dance Marathon. Meet the individuals who are hard at work preparing for the Dance Marathon.

Taylor Webb : President
Taylor Webb

Hello! I could not be more honored to be serving as the 2015 PUDM President. I began my involvement with PUDM as a committee member for the 2012 marathon. I went on to serve as the Special Events Executive in 2013 and the Vice President of Finance in 2014. It has been such an incredible experience watching PUDM grow from just $528,000 to upwards of one million dollars. I feel so fortunate and blessed to lead this year's Executive team of 25 individuals. PUDM has truly changed my life and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to make a difference for the kids and families of Riley Hospital. I am eager to see all that we accomplish this year and I expect it to be one for the record books. For the kids, always!

Christian Gatmaitan : Vice President - External
Christian Gatmaitan
Vice President - External

My name is Christian Gatmaitan and I am ridiculously excited to be Vice President of External Relations for PUDM 2015! I'm from West Lafayette and hope to graduate in 2017 with a major in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Economics. My first Dance Marathon was when I was a freshman in high school and since then I have always wanted to get more and more involved. Serving on the Executive Board last year was one of the best experiences I have ever had, so being selected to serve on Quad has been a huge blessing. Learning from the new and past executives and my fellow Quad members has been and will continue to be a life-changing experience, so I cannot wait to see what the year will bring and what we all can accomplish. I like to stay busy, so besides being involved with PUDM I am also a member on the board of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and a brother in Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji). When I have free time I like to play basketball at the Co-Rec, play FIFA, and sleep my fair share.

Katie Cantrell : Vice President - Internal
Katie Cantrell
Vice President - Internal

My name is Katie and I am the Vice President Internal for PUDM 2015. I am from Fishers, Indiana and will be graduating in May 2016 with a degree in Public Health. I started dance marathon my senior year of high school and have been obsessed since!  This will be my fourth marathon with PUDM, and I am excited to stand another 18 hours for the kids. I can’t wait to plan the best marathon yet along with my team of seven wonderful executives! FTK Always

Katie Curtis : Vice President - Finance
Katie Curtis
Vice President - Finance

Hello! My name is Katie Curtis and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be this year’s Vice President of Finance. I also dedicate my time to being a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, working as a pharmacy technician, and studying for school. I am in the Doctorate of Pharmacy program here at Purdue and am enjoying the challenges of being a professional student. I grew up in Noblesville Indiana with my mom, dad, and older brother who have been my biggest support.  I have danced my whole life, so if there is music playing I can almost guarantee I will be dancing to it! I began my PUDM experience freshman year as a dancer. The next two years I served on the Public Relations and then Mini Marathons Committee. Last year I had the honor of serving on the 2014 Executive Board as the Stewardship and Education Executive. It has been amazing to grow with the marathon and I can’t wait to see the miracles that will come with PUDM 2015!!

Lindsey Leibering : Fundraising
Lindsey Leibering

Hey! My name is Lindsey Leibering and I am blessed to be PUDM 2015’s Fundraising Executive. You can contact me if you have questions about personal fundraising, cannings, or anything about raising money FTK! I am studying Public Health with a concentration in Management and Health Policy and plan to graduate in the Spring 2016 with intentions of continuing my education to become a Physician’s Assistant.  I started my dance marathon career as a dancer my freshman year of college. My sophomore year I became a committee member on the Public Relations committee and then took the position as the Mini Marathon Riley Relations Director my Junior year.  This has all led me to this wonderful position on the 2015 Executive Board.  I can’t wait to make miracles with all of these wonderful people!

Kayla Bacon : Riley Development Co-Chair
Kayla Bacon
Riley Development Co-Chair

Hi! My name is Kayla Bacon and I am so excited and honored to be one half of Riley Development for PUDM 2015. I ‘ve been a Boilermaker since birth, born and raised in the 765 as a native of Crawfordsville, Indiana, and love Purdue an unhealthy amount thanks to my two alumni parents. I’m studying Human Services in hopes of becoming a Child Life Specialist and will graduate in 2017. I was previously a member of the Riley Development committee for PUDM 2013 before becoming the Merchandise Executive for PUDM 2014, so this is my third year being involved with PUDM. I'm so excited to be back on the committee that started fueling my unhealthy obsession with PUDM but leading it this time! My Canon has my heart, and my camera rarely leaves my side. Outside of PUDM, I enjoy being with my sisters in Kappa Alpha Theta, reading, drinking Diet Coke den pops, crafting, watching Netflix, volunteering at Riley, or hanging out with my fellow Panhellenic Council members. I can't wait to see the miracles that happen because of PUDM 2015! PS: you know that adorable Riley Kid of ours named Cassi Bacon? She’s my little sister and best friend!

Vincent Demyan : Riley Development Co-Chair
Vincent Demyan
Riley Development Co-Chair

Hey what’s up web browser! My name is Vincent Demyan and not only am I a professional at striking poses, but I am also honored to be one of this years Riley Development executives. Since I have been at Purdue I have severed on both Greek Promotions and Moral committees as a committee member. I loved both of these wonderful experiences, but I always wanted a more involved with PUDM and Riley Hospital, which is why I am so ecstatic about my position this year. I am currently a junior at Purdue studying Anthropology and Psychology, with a minor in Forensic Science. Right now I am actually working on becoming a Child Psychologist, who will hopefully be working at a children’s hospital! I believe that every child has the right to dream as big as they can, that is why I love Riley Hospital for Children so much, it gives kids the opportunity to keep on dreaming, and even encourages them to achieve these dreams. This year will be on filled with new incredible experiences and grand imaginative dreams! PUDM, FTK!​

Caitlin Patton : Public Relations
Caitlin Patton
Public Relations

Hey y’all! My name is Caitlin Patton and I am so blessed to be PUDM’s 2015 Public Relations executive. I am from Saint Louis, Missouri, studying what else but public relations. I have served on two different committees during the past marathons, but I am so excited to finally be on the executive board! Outside of PUDM, I spend my time making sheet signs for my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, posted up at the Union Starbucks, obsessing over my dog, baking, or participating in shenanigans with my friends. I cannot wait for the amazing year ahead of us dreaming bigger than ever for the kids!

Courtney Farrell : Morale Co-Chair
Courtney Farrell
Morale Co-Chair

Hey everybody! My name is Courtney Farrell and I am honored and excited beyond words to serve as one of the Morale Executives for the incredible Morale committee this year. I am currently a sophomore majoring in elementary and special education studying to become a kick-butt teacher when I graduate. I love soccer, music, laughing, and being with my friends. My journey with PUDM began as a member with of the Fundraising committee two years ago and then continued as a morale committee member last year. Dance marathon has given me a reason to smile everyday and the proof that miracles exist. The kids have become my role models and provide me daily with inspiration. I have loved every second of every moment that I've been involved with PUDM and cannot wait to see the new miracles that will be made this year! Always FTK!!

Conrad Koehler : Morale Co-Chair
Conrad Koehler
Morale Co-Chair

Hello!  My name is Conrad Koehler and I am thrilled and excited to be serving as one half of the Morale Executives for 2015!  I am currently majoring in Agribusiness with the hopes of returning to the good ole family farm in the middle of nowhere one day.  This will be my third year involved with PUDM. My journey through the ranks began when I was a dancer two years ago.  I then progressed to Mini Morale Director for the Mini Marathons Committee.  Now begins the random facts about myself....I love being outside and just goofing around with my friends and family.  Food is pretty much my favorite thing on this earth, and by food, I mean homemade meals.  People pretty much make up my life and all my time.  If I'm by myself, I must be sleeping or possibly studying.  I'm actually going to coin a term from one of my good friends, but I fully believe that I suffer from a little known disease called "Alone Anxiety." Thankfully, PUDM has given me a family away from home so I never have to be alone. I am beyond excited to see what this year has to hold for me as well as PUDM as a whole. With my PUDM family beside me, there is nothing that is impossible FOR THE KIDS!

Mitch Hensley : Operations
Mitch Hensley

Hey! My name is Mitch Hensley and I am the Operations Executive for PUDM 2015! I am from Noblesville, IN and I am majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a minor in OLS. I plan on graduating in the spring of 2017. I have currently been a dancer for PUDM and was on the Operations committee for PUDM 2014. I love getting involved with the logistics on the day of the dance and the preparation leading up to it and hope I can do something similar to it when I start a career after college. I am a very laid back person and feel the best when I am not sitting around doing nothing. I am super exited to see what this year has in store for myself and everyone involved with PUDM. FTK!!!

Maddie Schenck : Productions and Marketing
Maddie Schenck
Productions and Marketing

Hello people of the Internet. My name is Madeline Schenck, and I am truly honored to be this year’s Productions and Marketing executive for PUDM 2015. Currently, I’m a junior majoring in Computer Graphics Technology with a specialization in Web Development and Design and minoring in Computer Science, Management, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. My love for PUDM began in my freshman year at Purdue, when I started on the Operations committee, and throughout my last three years I’ve had incredible experiences as a member of Morale as well as the Alumni Outreach Director for the Alumni and Faculty Outreach Committee.  I’m so excited to give back to an organization that has given me so much, and I can’t wait to start making miracles for PUDM 2015!​

Alyssa Begle : Student Organizations Outreach
Alyssa Begle
Student Organizations Outreach

Hey everyone!  My name is Alyssa Begle and unfortunately words cannot describe how excited I am to be serving as the Student Organizations Outreach Executive for PUDM 2015!  I am from Mariah Hill, Indiana right by the wonderful town of Santa Claus.  I am majoring in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences with minors in Spanish, Psychology, and Linguistics and will be graduating in May 2016.  My dream is to work in a children's hospital after graduate school as a Speech Pathologist.  I love being able to spend time with my amazing family, friends, and when I get a chance, my lovely dog.  I have an incredible support system and am thankful for my Purdue family that I love spending time with every moment I can.  Outside of PUDM, you can often find me dedicating lots of time with College Mentors for Kids, Purdue Foundation Student Board, and my sorority, Sigma Kappa.  I began my PUDM journey as a dancer and then was able to be a part of the Dancer Relations committee for the past marathon.  As the SOO executive I can't wait to strengthen bonds with all the organizations across campus and to share my love of PUDM.  My passion for kids has always been strong but it has grown immensely during my time at Purdue.  I am so blessed to be able to help make an impact on our heroes at Riley Hospital for Children and to grow my love for Riley with every day. Dancing for 18 hours is nothing for the ones that continue to fight when we get to sit down.  It is an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience to serve on the 2015 Executive Board with such selfless people.  I cannot wait for the journey that will come in the next year and am beyond excited to see the miracles of our 2015 marathon.  For the Kids! Always!

Patrick Rivelli : Corporate
Patrick Rivelli

Hello all! My name is Patrick Rivelli, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as PUDM 2015’s Corporate Relations exec! I am from Indianapolis, IN, studying Applied Exercise and Health, and God-willing, I will be attending chiropractic school after I graduate in May of 2016. Throughout my four-year involvement with PUDM, the children and families at Riley Hospital have become as much a part of my family as my own brother and sister. I stand for those eighteen hours so that those families can sit and relax and take a vacation from the struggles that burden them. When I’m not PUDM-ing, however, I enjoy playing video games, sports (both as a participant and a spectator), eating, playing with dogs, singing in the shower (don’t judge; you do it too), and sleeping! I am super excited to see what PUDM 2015 has in store for all of us! FTK!

Michelle Becker : Mini Marathons Co-Chair
Michelle Becker
Mini Marathons Co-Chair

My name is Michelle Becker and I am extremely excited to be a co-chair for the Mini Marathon's Committee this year! I am currently a junior at Purdue studying Movement and Sports Sciences. I hope to become a Physicians Assistant at a Children's Miracle Network Hospital someday. I started my PUDM journey on the operations committee my freshman year and then joined Mini Marathons. I became interested in the Mini Marathon's committee after attending the Mini Marathon at my high school. ​I love the Mini Marathon's committee because we get to attend multiple marathons throughout the year.

Emily Oyler : Mini Marathons Co-Chair
Emily Oyler
Mini Marathons Co-Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Oyler and I am extremely honored and excited to serve on the 2015 Executive Board as one of the co-chairs for Mini Marathons. I am currently a junior studying Elementary Education. I love being with my friends and family, watching movies, and doing anything outside! My Dance Marathon experience started in my high school as I helped start one there. My first year at Purdue, I joined the Operations committee and fell even more in love. I continued my journey as a committee member for Minis and then a committee director for Minis and I am so excited to be a co-chair for Mini Marathons with my co-chair who has gone through my whole PUDM experience with me! I am so excited to see what the 2015 Mini Marathon Committee accomplishes for the kids as well as all of our high school mini marathons!

Dillon Havens : Greek Relations Co-Chair
Dillon Havens
Greek Relations Co-Chair

Howdy partners, Dillon Havens here. Words really can’t describe how excited I am to be the Greek Relations committee co-chair on the 2015 Executive Board. I’m a senior from Westfield, Indiana studying professional writing and I’m a brother of Sigma Chi Fraternity. I’m the oldest of five boys and I live for the outdoors. I’m more at home in a tent than I am anywhere else. But right now my home is Purdue, and my December graduation date is fast approaching. It’s a bummer that I’ll have to say goodbye to you all before too long, but that also means that this year’s marathon will be the last big thing I do as a Purdue student. When I look to the future, I can’t think of a better way to end my Boilermaker career than with sore legs and a full heart. PUDM has taught me that you if you dream big enough and stay dedicated, you can change the world. See you on the dance floor in November. FTK.

Hannah Hendricks : Greek Relations Co-Chair
Hannah Hendricks
Greek Relations Co-Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Hendricks and I am honored to be one of the co-chairs for Greek Relations!  I am absolutely ecstatic to be a part of the PUDM 2015 Executive Board.  From Fishers Indiana, I am a junior majoring in Public Health with minors in Psychology and Human Development.   My family is very important to me, and I’m lucky to have also found a Purdue family in Kappa Alpha Theta. You can probably find me running, watching Netflix, on Pinterest, or curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee.  My friends tell me I’m too hyper for my own good, but I just call that loving life.  I dream of traveling the world and making a difference, and there is no better place to start then here in West Lafayette with dance marathon.  This will be my second dance marathon, as I was lucky enough to be on the Morale Committee last year.   Being a part of PUDM has been an amazing journey and I absolutely cannot wait to see the miracles made in the year to come FTK!​

Michael Fouch : New Student Outreach
Michael Fouch
New Student Outreach

Hey everyone! My name is Michael Fouch and I am SO excited to serve as this year’s New Student Outreach Executive! I am from Brownsburg, IN, studying Management, with minors in Biology and Spanish, and an Entrepreneurship Certificate. I am hoping to go on to graduate school for Higher Education and Student Affairs following my graduation in May 2016. Before this year, I participated in PUDM as a dancer in 2011, on the Merchandise Committee in 2012, and then on Morale Committee in 2013 and 2014, and I am ecstatic to be on NSO this year! Outside of PUDM, I really enjoy going on adventures in nature, hiking, swimming, canoeing, and reading! I have a minor obsession with Greyhouse, so you can usually find me there in the evening! I cannot wait to see all that we can accomplish this year dreaming big FTK!

Jennifer Hussey : Athletic Outreach
Jennifer Hussey
Athletic Outreach

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Hussey and I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve as this year's Athletic Outreach Executive. I am majoring in Athletic Training and hope to go on to Physical Therapy school after I graduate. In the fall I will enter into my third year here at Purdue, but I have been coming to basketball and football games for as long as I can remember. This will be my third year participating in PUDM, previously serving as a committee member on Member Relations (formerly Dancer Relations) and then as a director on Athletic Outreach.  In addition to PUDM, I am treasurer for my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. I enjoy baking, crocheting (yeah I’m a grandma (: ), and being outside. If I could live anywhere, it would be in Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World because it’s the happiest place on Earth. I hope to give 110% all year to make Athletic Outreach have a greater impact and can’t wait to see what all we can do For The Kids at Riley! Dream Big!

Tori Mullen : Alumni & Faculty Outreach
Tori Mullen
Alumni & Faculty Outreach

Hi! My name is Tori Mullen and I’m so excited to be the Alumni and Faculty Outreach Executive for PUDM 2015. I’m a sophomore studying Nutrition, Fitness, and Health with a minor in Management. I am from Carmel, IN, which is where my wonderful dance marathon journey began. I participated in Carmel Middle School and High School Dance Marathons, PUDM 2013 as a dancer, and PUDM 2014 as a director for the New Student Outreach Committee. When I’m not working with PUDM, you can probably find me watching Netflix, FaceTiming, getting Starbucks, or hanging out with my sisters at Delta Gamma. I’m so excited to be a part of PUDM 2015 and to see what this year brings FTK!

Gina Bidmead : Member Relations
Gina Bidmead
Member Relations

My name is Gina Bidmead and I am so excited to work as the Member Relations Executive for PUDM 2015. I served on SOO for my freshman year and was a director on Dancer Relations this past marathon. Dance Marathons have been part of my life since my high school days but I am so blessed for the opportunities that Purdue has given me. I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. My major is Elementary and Special Education with a minor in Global Studies. I love spending time with friends, traveling the world, camping, my dog Jazz, and making crafts off of Pinterest. I can’t wait to make more miracles this year with PUDM and do all I can FTK!

Brian Holcombe : Catering
Brian Holcombe

Hello everyone! My name is Brian Alexander Holcombe and I have the outstanding privilege of being this year’s Catering Executive! This will be my second year on the Executive Board after serving as Athletic Outreach last year. A few things to know about me; I will graduate in May of 2016 with degrees in Political Science and History with intent to pursue a law degree. I am from Mulberry, IN and have been to every single Dance Marathon since 2005! I am also a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity. My other interest besides PUDM is sports. I am a huge Indianapolis Colts and Boston Red Sox fan. Last year was absolutely amazing, with that being said I am ready to continue my journey with this great organization and can not wait to make 2015 even better! PUDM FTK!

Jill Terry : Special Events
Jill Terry
Special Events

Hello! My name is Jill Terry, and I am so excited and honored to serve as the Special Events Executive for PUDM 2015! I am from Fishers, IN and have been a Boilermaker my whole life. I hope to graduate in Spring 2016 with a degree in Management. My journey with PUDM started as a committee captain for Residence Hall Outreach and continued this past year as a committee director for Stewardship & Education. My picture is myself (girl on the right) with my best friends supporting the gold color track last year! In my free time, I love playing with my dog, Oreo, running fun races, browsing Netflix, and spending time with my crazy friends. I cannot wait to plan some incredible events this year and make some miracles happen for the kids! DREAM BIG!

Matt Steggeman : Merchandise
Matt Steggeman

Hey there! My name is Matt Steggeman and I am thrilled to serve as your 2015 Merchandise Executive. After participating as a member in Greek Promotions, Morale, and Riley Development committees during previous Dance Marathons, I am ready to combine my experiences and step up my commitment to PUDM, all For The Kids! I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering and am from the wonderful town of Salem, Indiana. I enjoy eating tacos, playing sports with friends, and taking long walks down the engineering mall. I hope you're as excited as I am for the 2015 Purdue University Dance Marathon!

Josie Nitschmann : Accounting
Josie Nitschmann

Hello! My name is Josie Nitschmann and I am thrilled to be this year’s Accounting Executive!  I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I am sophomore this year studying Law and Society.  I enjoy anything Purdue, my adorable pup, and sleeping in! I am incredibly excited to see how PUDM will grow this year and change the lives of those involved. FTK!

Position Name
President Justine Geisler
VP External Kyle Marpe
VP Internal Alyssa Casselman
VP Finance Taylor Webb
Alumni and Faculty Outreach Kelley Riedy
Athletics Outreach Brian Holcombe
Catering Megan Grassl
Community Outreach Christian Gatmaitan
Corporate Lauren Lalioff
Dancer Relations Katie Cantrell
Entertainment Whitney Popp
Fundraising Alyssa Fields
Greek Promotions Co-Chair Amanda Coons
Greek Promotions Co-Chair Joeseph Fehribach
Merchandise Kayla Bacon
Mini-Marathons Paul Olis
Mini-Marathons Brittany Siegler
Morale Co-Chair Candace Popp
Morale Co-Chair Tim Rohrbach
New Student Outreach Luke Smedley
Operations Jacqueline Fegan
Public Relations Courtney Smith
Riley Development Co-Chair Kelcie Scoville
Riley Development Co-Chair Lauren Shapiro
Riley Development Co-Chair Lucas Goedde*
Special Events Amber Callahan
Stewardship & Education Katie Curtis
Student Organization Outreach Anna Kacius
Technology Aharon Hannan

* – Served for part of full-term on Exec Board

Position Name
President Stephanie Nitschmann
VP External Josh Bring
VP Internal Meg Ryan
VP Finance Liz Bremer *
Alumni and Community Outreach Annalise Dietzen
Athletics Outreach Haley Davis
Catering Mitch French
Corporate Kelli Fultz
Dancer Relations Alyssa Casselman
Entertainment Hillary Henry
Finance Marta Tremblay
Fundraising Michael Stalter
Greek Promotions Co-Chair Natalie Crooks
Greek Promotions Co-Chair Alex Hensley
Merchandise Candace Popp
Mini-Marathon Co-Chair Justine Geisler
Mini-Marathon Co-Chair Anna Corning
Morale Co-Chair Kevin Blum
Morale Co-Chair Mike Cavoto
Operations Jacqueline Fegan
Public Relations Daniel McNelis
Residence Hall Outreach Michelle Spehr
Riley Development Kenzie Glotzbach
Special Events Taylor Webb
Stewardship & Education Ricky Rivelli
Student Organization Outreach Kyle Marpe
Technology Courtney Muenzing

* – Served for part of full-term on Exec Board

Position Name
President Karlee Hepp
VP External Addison Bradford
VP Internal Brit Davis
VP Finance Julianne Johnson
Alumni and Community Outreach Kristi Clawson
Athletics Outreach Josh Bring
Campus Promotions – Clubs and Organizations Brittany Haltom
Campus Promotions – Residence Halls Jake Daghe
Catering Lena Gerber
Corporate Chris Elliott
Dancer Relations Kelley Riedy
Entertainment Emily Smith
Fundraising Alison Brown
Greek Promotions Haley Mummert
Greek Promotions Mark Clement
Merchandise Whitney Popp
Mini-Marathons Erika Jefferson
Mini-Marathons Derek Daluga
Morale Co-Chair Beth Brookie
Morale Co-Chair Ricky Rivelli
Operations Brian Vanneman
Public Relations – Marketing Meg Ryan
Public Relations – Media Austen Burkholder
Riley Development Amanda Haan
Special Events Stephanie Nitschmann
Technology Brittany Vacchiano
Position Name
President Sam Lame
VP External Maddie (Lamb) Kerr
VP Internal Beka (Schroeder) DiVenere
VP Finance Stephanie (Young) Sapp
Alumni and Community Outreach Lauren Weirzba
Campus Promotions Derek Daluga
Campus Promotions Jenna Long
Catering Peter Evans
Corporate Relations Addison Bradford
Dancer Relations Kelsey Underwood
Entertainment Brit Davis
Greek Promotions Kate Jolly
Greek Promotions Lindsey Jefferson
Greek Promotions Mark Clement
Marketing Jared Ehlerding
Mini-Marathons Alexis Paris
Mini-Marathons Carly Derheimer
Morale Brian Vanneman
Morale Whitney Popp
Public Relations Aimee Ward
Riley Development Ben Ulrich
Special Events Karlee Hepp
Special Events Julianne Johnson
Technology Brittany Vacchiano

Spring 2010

Position Name
President Stacie Schutz
VP External Lindsay Van Houten
VP Internal Nicholas Brady
VP Finance Brittany Shaw
Campus Promotions Caitlin Hoefer
Catering Angela Koehn
Corporate Relations Hilary Hoover
Dancer Relations Vanessa Fabrizio
Entertainment Erin Neher
Greek Promotions Claire Pickett
Greek Promotions Gretchen Reifeis
Marketing Ryan Vevang
Mini-Marathons Abbey Stoutenborough (Moorman)
Mini-Marathons Maddie Lamb
Morale Chad Flowers
Morale Ellie Rowden
Public Relations Chris Gecewicz
Riley Development Courtney Zeller
Special Events Sam Lame
Technology John Wineman


Fall 2010

Position Name
President Lindsay Van Houten
VP External Chris Gecewicz
VP Internal Erin Neher
VP Finance Sam Lame
Campus Promotions Erin Bess (Gecewicz)
Campus Promotions Maddie Lamb (Kerr)
Catering Beka Schroeder (DiVenere)
Corporate Relations Laura Garrett
Dancer Relations Kate Jolly
Entertainment Zachary Waters
Greek Promotions Lindsey Jefferson
Greek Promotions Logan Redeinbach
Marketing Ryan Vevang
Mini-Marathons Claire Pickett
Mini-Marathons David Joest
Morale Alicia Fabrizio*
Morale Jackie Probst (Renick)
Morale Molly Longest
Public Relations Kayla Walton
Riley Development Stephanie Young (Sapp)
Special Events Karlee Hepp
Technology Sam Rhoda

* – Served for part of full-term on Exec Board