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The executive board is the backbone of Purdue University Dance Marathon. PUDM is divided into three separate organizations: External, Finance, and Internal relations. Meet the individuals who are hard at work preparing for the Dance Marathon.

Presidential Board

Bailey Ransburg

Larkin Cooper

Vice President – Finance
[email protected]

Courtney Moore

Vice President – Internal
[email protected]

Dalton Clouse

Vice President – External
[email protected]


Austin Swanson

Productions Media
[email protected]

Jenni Horine

Productions Design
[email protected]

Lexi Shriver

Public Relations
[email protected]

Angelique Myers

Outreach: Student Life
[email protected]

Nate Grabner

Outreach: Greek and Cooperative Life
[email protected]

Sarah Rominger

Special Events
[email protected]

Kayla Halterman

Executive Secretary
[email protected]


Becca Anglen

Corporate Partnerships
[email protected]

Megan O'Brian

[email protected]

Ellen Balensiefer

Mini Marathons
[email protected]

Kiley Strakis


Scott Farley

[email protected]

Harrison Davis

Sam Cleveland

Colleen Shanahan

Riley Relations
[email protected]

Alumni Executives

PUDM would not be where it is today without our leaders from the past decade.


Position Name
President Christian Gatmaitan
VP External Kayla Bacon
VP Internal Conrad Koehler
VP Finance Courtney Farrell
Corporate Bailey Ransburg*
Executive Secretary Holly Zelinga
Fundraising Leah Kissinger
Hospitality Gina Bidmead
Logistics Logan Letner
Mini-Marathons Melanie Johnson
Morale Louis Kissinger
Outreach Cailey Daluga
Productions Amanda Fendel
Public Relations Emmaline Terry
Riley Relations Rob Minturn
Special Events Megan Paskey

* – Served for part of full-term on Exec Board

Position Name
President Taylor Webb
VP External Christian Gatmaitan
VP Internal Katie Cantrell
VP Finance Katie Curtis
Accounting Josie Nitschmann
Alumni and Faculty Outreach Tori Mullen
Athletics Outreach Jennifer Hussey
Catering Brian Holcombe
Corporate Patrick Rivelli
Fundraising Lindsey Leibering
Greek Relations Co-Chair Dillon Havens
Greek Relations Co-Chair Hannah Hendricks
Merchandise Matt Steggeman
Mini-Marathons Emily Oyler
Mini-Marathons Michelle Becker
Morale Co-Chair Conrad Koehler
Morale Co-Chair Courtney Farrell
New Student Outreach Michael Fouch
Operations Mitch Hensley
Member Relations Gina Bidmead
Productions and Marketing Maddie Schenck
Public Relations Caitlin Patton
Riley Development Co-Chair Kayla Bacon
Riley Development Co-Chair Vince Demyan
Special Events Jill Terry
Student Organization Outreach Alyssa Begle
Position Name
President Justine Geisler
VP External Kyle Marpe
VP Internal Alyssa Casselman
VP Finance Taylor Webb
Alumni and Faculty Outreach Kelley Riedy
Athletics Outreach Brian Holcombe
Catering Megan Grassl
Community Outreach Christian Gatmaitan
Corporate Lauren Lalioff
Dancer Relations Katie Cantrell
Entertainment Whitney Popp
Fundraising Alyssa Fields
Greek Promotions Co-Chair Amanda Coons
Greek Promotions Co-Chair Joeseph Fehribach
Merchandise Kayla Bacon
Mini-Marathons Paul Olis
Mini-Marathons Brittany Siegler
Morale Co-Chair Candace Popp
Morale Co-Chair Tim Rohrbach
New Student Outreach Luke Smedley
Operations Jacqueline Fegan
Public Relations Courtney Smith
Riley Development Co-Chair Kelcie Scoville
Riley Development Co-Chair Lauren Shapiro
Riley Development Co-Chair Lucas Goedde*
Special Events Amber Callahan
Stewardship & Education Katie Curtis
Student Organization Outreach Anna Kacius
Technology Aharon Hannan

* – Served for part of full-term on Exec Board

Position Name
President Stephanie Nitschmann
VP External Josh Bring
VP Internal Meg Ryan
VP Finance Liz Bremer *
Alumni and Community Outreach Annalise Dietzen
Athletics Outreach Haley Davis
Catering Mitch French
Corporate Kelli Fultz
Dancer Relations Alyssa Casselman
Entertainment Hillary Henry
Finance Marta Tremblay
Fundraising Michael Stalter
Greek Promotions Co-Chair Natalie Crooks
Greek Promotions Co-Chair Alex Hensley
Merchandise Candace Popp
Mini-Marathon Co-Chair Justine Geisler
Mini-Marathon Co-Chair Anna Corning
Morale Co-Chair Kevin Blum
Morale Co-Chair Mike Cavoto
Operations Jacqueline Fegan
Public Relations Daniel McNelis
Residence Hall Outreach Michelle Spehr
Riley Development Kenzie Glotzbach
Special Events Taylor Webb
Stewardship & Education Ricky Rivelli
Student Organization Outreach Kyle Marpe
Technology Courtney Muenzing

* – Served for part of full-term on Exec Board

Position Name
President Karlee Hepp
VP External Addison Bradford
VP Internal Brit Davis
VP Finance Julianne Johnson
Alumni and Community Outreach Kristi Clawson
Athletics Outreach Josh Bring
Campus Promotions – Clubs and Organizations Brittany Haltom
Campus Promotions – Residence Halls Jake Daghe
Catering Lena Gerber
Corporate Chris Elliott
Dancer Relations Kelley Riedy
Entertainment Emily Smith
Fundraising Alison Brown
Greek Promotions Haley Mummert
Greek Promotions Mark Clement
Merchandise Whitney Popp
Mini-Marathons Erika Jefferson
Mini-Marathons Derek Daluga
Morale Co-Chair Beth Brookie
Morale Co-Chair Ricky Rivelli
Operations Brian Vanneman
Public Relations – Marketing Meg Ryan
Public Relations – Media Austen Burkholder
Riley Development Amanda Haan
Special Events Stephanie Nitschmann
Technology Brittany Vacchiano
Position Name
President Sam Lame
VP External Maddie (Lamb) Kerr
VP Internal Beka (Schroeder) DiVenere
VP Finance Stephanie (Young) Sapp
Alumni and Community Outreach Lauren Weirzba
Campus Promotions Derek Daluga
Campus Promotions Jenna Long
Catering Peter Evans
Corporate Relations Addison Bradford
Dancer Relations Kelsey Underwood
Entertainment Brit Davis
Greek Promotions Kate Jolly
Greek Promotions Lindsey Jefferson
Greek Promotions Mark Clement
Marketing Jared Ehlerding
Mini-Marathons Alexis Paris
Mini-Marathons Carly Derheimer
Morale Brian Vanneman
Morale Whitney Popp
Public Relations Aimee Ward
Riley Development Ben Ulrich
Special Events Karlee Hepp
Special Events Julianne Johnson
Technology Brittany Vacchiano

Spring 2010

Position Name
President Stacie Schutz
VP External Lindsay Van Houten
VP Internal Nicholas Brady
VP Finance Brittany Shaw
Campus Promotions Caitlin Hoefer
Catering Angela Koehn
Corporate Relations Hilary Hoover
Dancer Relations Vanessa Fabrizio
Entertainment Erin Neher
Greek Promotions Claire Pickett
Greek Promotions Gretchen Reifeis
Marketing Ryan Vevang
Mini-Marathons Abbey Stoutenborough (Moorman)
Mini-Marathons Maddie Lamb
Morale Chad Flowers
Morale Ellie Rowden
Public Relations Chris Gecewicz
Riley Development Courtney Zeller
Special Events Sam Lame
Technology John Wineman

Fall 2010

Position Name
President Lindsay Van Houten
VP External Chris Gecewicz
VP Internal Erin Neher
VP Finance Sam Lame
Campus Promotions Erin Bess (Gecewicz)
Campus Promotions Maddie Lamb (Kerr)
Catering Beka Schroeder (DiVenere)
Corporate Relations Laura Garrett
Dancer Relations Kate Jolly
Entertainment Zachary Waters
Greek Promotions Lindsey Jefferson
Greek Promotions Logan Redeinbach
Marketing Ryan Vevang
Mini-Marathons Claire Pickett
Mini-Marathons David Joest
Morale Alicia Fabrizio*
Morale Jackie Probst (Renick)
Morale Molly Longest
Public Relations Kayla Walton
Riley Development Stephanie Young (Sapp)
Special Events Karlee Hepp
Technology Sam Rhoda

* – Served for part of full-term on Exec Board