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The Marathon
(November 10 & 11th)

While PUDM is a yearlong organization and a yearlong fundraising effort, all of our participants, families, and sponsors come together at the end of the year to celebrate another year of success and miracles made. Our Marathon occurs in November of every school year and is an 18 hour long event where we hear stories from families and kids who were touched by Riley Hospital, celebrate all of the birthdays that were had that year, recognize our sponsors and top fundraisers, as well as take part in one more fundraising push. The Marathon is a high energy 18 hour long party! Participants will learn the year’s line dance, eat (free!) food with friends, play games, watch championship games for the Greek Olympics, and get to interact with our wonderful sponsors who make the year possible. Participants will listen to performances from bands, take part in two raves, and watch their friends be hypnotized for the main stage. The most important reason to host our Marathon is to recognize and hear from the wonderful families that we unite behind during the year. The Marathon is an awesome way for all of our participants to come together under one roof and truly connect with and understand why they have been putting in so much effort over the year. Families will share their Riley stories on the main stage and participants will get the chance to support them, learn from them, and understand why their fundraising is so important to our local community. You will not want to miss all of the excitement, inspiration, and fun that is contained in the Marathon! Sign up today!  

FTKolor Run

Lafayette community members, Purdue students, and Riley families unite to make this colorful fun run the best that it can be! The FTKolor Run is 5K held in Spring and is the perfect way to be a difference maker with PUDM and the kids at Riley at the start of the new semester. 


Grill Out Chill Out

Fraternities, cooperatives, and other student organizations create teams to turn this event into a battle between grills. All are welcome to be taste testers of food prepared by each grill team. Come to “chill out” and join the Riley kids to judge the grill master. 

Athletic Outings
(Fall & Spring)

Throughout the year, PUDM partners with Purdue Athletics to collaborate and plan games in honor of PUDM and Riley. These games usually feature a silent auction, FTK merch, on-field activities for the Riley kids, and opportunities for player-kid interaction. PUDM has previously worked with Purdue baseball, softball, tennis, and women’s basketball.

Day of Miracles

Day of Miracles is an annual fundraising “push day” through which members of PUDM and Purdue’s campus attempt to raise $100,000+ in just 24 hours. The day is also spent spreading awareness about our beneficiary, Riley Hospital for Children.

Stewardship Luncheon & Silent Auction
(November 10)

Purdue faculty donors, relatives, and PUDM families are invited to participate in a luncheon and silent auction while learning all about our cause and our kids! Join in on this educating event to find out exactly what our organization does year-round and how you are helping the kids at Riley.

Greek Olympics
(November 10 & 11th)

An intramural competition between Greek and Cooperative houses that takes place each fall. The championships for certain events, such as basketball and volleyball are traditionally held during the marathon itself.