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Do you have any questions? Contact Kristen Burger at specialevents@pudm.org for more information

Committee Description

The Special Events Committee is in charge of planning and organizing additional events throughout the year leading up to the marathon.  These events reach out to all of Purdue’s campus and other communities to increase funds and awareness for PUDM.

Special Events Chairs (3)

Special Events Chair (3)

Helps Executive plan and organize various Special Events (5K, Marathon Exclusive Silent Auction, Grill Out Chill Out, Riley Kid Birthday Party, Golf Outing, and any other event PUDM may host). Works with community resources and other student organizations around campus to donate items and co-sponsor events. Assists executive with making committee member experience exciting and inviting.

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Special Events Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Kristen Burger Executive  donate.pudm.org/burger4
Nicole Martin Special Events Chair  donate.pudm.org/mart1184
Anne Smith Special Events Chair  donate.pudm.org/smit3115
Molly Albertson Special Events Chair  donate.pudm.org/alberts7