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Committee Description

The Riley Relations Committee focused entirely on our Riley families, build close relationships with families, plan and inform families of all PUDM events throughout the year, and responsible for direct communication with families. They will be working hard to not only inform the Riley Relations committee about the Riley families but the entirety of the PUDM family.

Riley Relations Committee Chairs (3)

Events Chair

This position will coordinate and set up events throughout the year with Riley families including summer picnic, fall pumpkin path, and other family events. There will approximately be one family event per month.

Pairings Chair

This position will be in charge of making the pairings for Riley Relations committee members and for the other committees.

Riley Relations Strategy Chair

This chair is in charge of planning the celebration/kid & family experience for the marathon. Keeping PUDM members connected to our kids and families.

Riley Relations Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Colleen Shanahan Executive
Danielle Keeler Chair
Kyle Johnson Chair
Morgan Dolezal Chair