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Committee Description

The Productions Committee captures the spirit of PUDM to create and produce quality graphics, videos, photographs, and webpages. This year the Productions Committee will have two Executives, one focusing on Media and one focusing on Design. It also creates, sells, and distributes all PUDM merchandise. At the marathon, it operates the live stream, manages the merchandise table, and captures videos and photographs.

Productions Committee Chairs (4)

Videography and Photography Chair

This chair plans and creates promotional videos and organizes video footage and images of PUDM events.

Merchandise Chair

The chair creates PUDM merchandise for events and committees and coordinates merchandise sales throughout the year and at the marathon.

Graphics Chair

This chair creates flyers and graphics for publications to promote PUDM and all events using Purdue and Children’s Miracle Network and Riley Hospital for Children’s branding standards.

Technology Chair

This chair is responsible for preparing equipment to broadcast PUDM 2017, as well as produce, manage, and monitor the live video service. They will also be in charge of technology use in productions and promotions.

Productions Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Austin Swanson Executive
Jenni Horine Executive
Emily Allspaw Chair
Ali Davidson Chair
Rachel Brockman Chair
Ryan Smith Chair