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Committee Description

The Productions Committee captures the spirit of PUDM to create and produce quality graphics, videos, photographs, and webpages. This year the Productions Committee will have two Executives, one focusing on Media and one focusing on Design. It also creates, sells, and distributes all PUDM merchandise. At the marathon, it operates the live stream, manages the merchandise table, and captures videos and photographs.

Productions Committee Chairs (6)


The Graphics Chair will be responsible for creating all graphics that are published for PUDM 2018. This involves helping develop the PUDM brand and creating a marathon-related brand which helps to make PUDM recognizable within the community. This position will work closely with the Productions Design Executive to meet this branding and create the graphics with Adobe Creative Suite. In addition to creating graphics, this position will assist in leading the Productions committee. This includes helping to run meetings, facilitating a family culture, and working to help the committee live up to its potential. This position will also work to improve member engagement through relationships with committee members. The Graphics Chair will be responsible for mediating ideas between committee members and executives through weekly meetings with Productions Executives and Chairs. These meeting will work to identify areas of improvement for the Productions committee and support the Graphics Chair in appropriate ways.

Merchandise Chair

The Merchandising Chair is responsible for designing and producing all merchandise related to PUDM 2018. This involves designing each garment, working with companies to get the orders produced, and working with the Design Executive to create a year-long plan of all merchandise. In addition to creating all merchandise, the Merchandising Chair will help lead the Productions committee. This position will assist in running meetings, creating an inclusive committee, and leading a subcommittee at meetings. The Merchandising Chair will garner ideas from their subcommittee and communicate those to the Design Executive through weekly meetings. These meetings will help the Merchandising Chair efficiently produce successful merchandise throughout the year. The Merchandising Chair will also be responsible for keeping inventory of all PUDM merchandise and work to sell these items. They will also work to re-design the merchandise website to sell items there as well.

Photography/Videography Chair (2)

This Chair takes all the photos and videos at all of our PUDM events. Both current and future years use the pictures for promotional graphics. Organizes the pictures they take, so Productions Design can find them throughout the year. Brainstorms ideas for videos. This Chair will play a big role on how the public will see us in the future.

Post-Production Chair

This Chair is in charge of creating amazing content to go on social media and YouTube. They will be creating new ways to grab people’s attention through a video and have the ability to relay information to all of our members. This Chair will create promotional videos as well as informative, and videos that shine a light on our amazing Riley Kids.

Technology Management Chair

Throughout the year this Chair is in charge of managing our website, as well as developing an app and setting up the livestream for the marathon. They will be in charge of managing all of the technology that PUDM uses throughout the year. They will also be looking for new ways to maximize the technology we have. This Chair plays a large part in making sure PUDM remains a professional organization through technology.

Productions Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Rachel Brockman Executive
Savannah Bratcher Executive
Bailey Kamp Graphics Chair
Emily Vanatsky Merchandise Chair
Marlene Kane Photography Chair
Jake Heidecker Post Production Chair
Geoffrey Myers Technology Management Chair
Mattie Waggoner Videography Chair