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Committee Description

The Public Relations Committee plans out the campaign of PUDM 2017, promotes PUDM through social media and other avenues, makes sheet signs, does chalking on campus, and explores new ways for promotion. PR also works with the Athletics Department to increase athlete involvement in PUDM and with our Riley kids and is in charge of planning and executing John and David Week, Miracle Maker Week, and helps plan other on campus promotional events.

Public Relations Committee Chairs (3)

PR Communications Chair

This chair plans chalkings and flierings to keep campus informed and up-to-date on PUDM happenings.

Promotional Weeks Chair

This chair plans Miracle Maker Week and John and David Week, including events during these weeks, promotion, details of each day, finding new ways to educate campus of John Romine and David Feltner.

University Relations Chair

This chair is responsible for expanding PUDM relations with diversity groups, both  on campus and on Purdue satellite campuses.

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Public Relations Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Lexi Shriver Executive
Amber Sanders Chair
Brianna Stephen Chair
Mel Baumgart Chair