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Committee Description

The Public Relations Committee plans out the campaign of PUDM 2017, promotes PUDM through social media and other avenues, makes sheet signs, does chalking on campus, and explores new ways for promotion. PR also works with the Athletics Department to increase athlete involvement in PUDM and with our Riley kids and is in charge of planning and executing John and David Week, Miracle Maker Week, and helps plan other on campus promotional events.

Public Relations Committee Chairs (3)

Community Strategy Chair

This Chair will work with media outlets (radio stations, newspapers, local news stations, etc.) to promote PUDM events. This Chair will strategize how to involve the greater Lafayette community in efforts to benefit Riley Hospital for Children. This Chair will take measures to extend PUDM from a student organization into a community-wide entity. This Chair will work with the Corporate committee to ensure the success of communications and shape the portrayal of PUDM.  This Chair will devise campaigns on how to portray PUDM in a positive light to more than just students in the area. This Chair will work to make our “why” known—people aren’t donating their time, money, or resources to benefit our organization, but rather to benefit Riley

On-Campus Strategy Chair

This Chair will organize and execute chalking, fliering, and sheet signs at strategic times and locations throughout campus. This Chair will devise and manage promotional tables on campus. This Chair will help plan, execute, revitalize, or potentially overhaul promotional weeks (John & David Week, Miracle Maker Week, etc.) . This Chair will strategize on how to portray PUDM to campus—what do you people like about PUDM? Why do students choose not to participate? This Chair will use previous on-campus advertising methods (TV screens in dining courts, CoRec, Union, etc.; window boxes in Stewart; sheet signs, etc.), as well as formulating new methods, in order to publicize who we are and what we do

Online Strategy Chair

This Chair will assist the PR Executive in formulating and executing PUDM’s social media campaign throughout the year. The Chair will help envision what each item PUDM puts onto the internet will look like and what message we want them to convey. The Chair will help create and uphold a “voice” for PUDM on social media platforms. The Chair will work closely with members of Productions to ensure a proper aesthetic for every item PUDM publishes.

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Public Relations Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Jon Gaide Executive
Allison Johnson Community Strategy Chair
Kaylee Arthur On-Campus Strategy Chair
Jackie Ham Online Strategy Chair