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Committee Description

The Campus Relations committee engages and stewards the Purdue campus at an organizational level. Within the committee, this is broken down into residential life, athletics, student organizations, and multicultural/international groups. The committee plans a number of outreach events throughout the year and facilitates registration and involvement from this wide population of students.

Campus Relations Committee Chairs (3)

Athletics Outreach Chair

The Athletics Chair is responsible for working with representatives from different Purdue athletics teams to plan events and build mutually beneficial relationships with these teams. The Athletics Chair is also responsible for planning Athlete Hour at the Marathon. This includes inviting athletes and coaches, organizing guest speakers and time for the athletes to interact with the kids. The Athletics Chair also coordinates with the Purdue Student Athletic Advisory Committee to plan our student athlete talent show, Boilers Got Talent. The Athletics Chair is constantly communicating with Purdue Athletics and other committees to ensure the success of these events.

Multicultural Outreach Chair

The Multi-Cultural Outreach Chair is a brand new position for PUDM 2018. This Chair will focus on creating mutually beneficial relationships with international and multi-cultural organizations on Purdue’s campus. This Chair will be expected to attend some events hosted by international and multi-cultural organizations. This Chair will be responsible for creating mutually beneficial relationships between PUDM and multi-cultural organizations. This Chair will also focus on recruitment and encouraging these organizations to participate in PUDM.

Residence Hall Outreach Chair

The Residential Hall Outreach Chair focuses on recruiting freshman and transfer students to PUDM. This Chair is the primary contact for residence halls and dining courts. This Chair is responsible for organizing flyering and tabling in the residential halls and the dining halls. Additionally, the Residential Hall Outreach Chair plans the Dancer Preview Event at the beginning of the fall semester (FTKoachella).

Outreach Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Madison Westphal Executive
Jordyn Romanski Athletics Outreach Chair
Utku Genc Multi-Cultural Outreach Chair
Matt Johnson Residence Hall Outreach Chair