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Committee Description

The Morale Committee is the pulse of the Dance Marathon. We are responsible for creating the line dance and the themes as well as for keeping dancers motivated for the whole 18 hours! Our goal for this year is to focus our efforts on spreading DM love through campus and the Lafayette/West Lafayette community.  There will be a bigger effort put into bonding, breaking awkward moments, and encouraging and inspiring others. This year we will also be implementing a buddy system that pairs a morale with dancers so that dancers can get more informed about what Dance Marathon is as a whole and what they can do to help PUDM.

Morale Committee Chairs (4)

Leadership Development Chair

Deal with all things related to marathon preparedness and Morale leadership. Ensure that Morale is equipped to effectively engage, motivate, and lead dancers during the marathon. They will work closely with the Morale Executive to focus meetings on specific training goals and themes as well as improve the training process to engage Moralers and lead meetings as needed.

Member Management Chair

Deal with all of the logistical challenges that arise as a result of leading an 80+ member committee. Find ways to increase and track member attendance, retention, and motivation. Implement and track fundraising in morale. Encourage member participation in all PUDM events. Send out weekly meeting minutes. Plan the morale retreats and road wars.

Membership Engagement Chair

Formerly known as “Color Captains Chair”. Guide the Moraler’s leadership! Work on the family aspect of Morale by organizing the committee into color tracks, while developing methods of encouragin committee member socialization and involvement. Refine and track the color wars system to encourage organization-wide member engagement. Work with leadership development in order to make Color Captains efficient leaders for their members.

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Morale Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Austin Hoffmann Executive
Keiley Kordick Leadership Development Chair
Allee Anton Member Management Chair
Megan O'Donnell Membership Engagement Chair