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Committee Description

The Morale Committee is the pulse of the Dance Marathon. We are responsible for creating the line dance and the themes as well as for keeping dancers motivated for the whole 18 hours! Our goal for this year is to focus our efforts on spreading DM love through campus and the Lafayette/West Lafayette community.  There will be a bigger effort put into bonding, breaking awkward moments, and encouraging and inspiring others. This year we will also be implementing a buddy system that pairs a morale with dancers so that dancers can get more informed about what Dance Marathon is as a whole and what they can do to help PUDM.

Morale Committee Chairs (3)

Stewardship Chair

This chair will look to celebrate the members of PUDM. They will create and plan bonding/inspiration for PUDM family.

Member Relations Chair

This position will be in charge of running the buddy system with the dancers. They will be sending out emails to dancers as well as Moralers to make sure that all dancers are well informed prior to the marathon. They will also be in charge of coordinating all the appreciation weeks for chairs, committee members, and dancers.

Color Track Chair

This chair is in charge of organizing members into color tracks, planning and facilitating color wars.

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Morale Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Sam Cleveland Executive
Allee Anton Chair
Bri Seiders Chair
Riley Boots Chair