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Committee Description

The Mini Marathons Committee collaborates with high schools to assist them in planning and organizing mini marathons.  Additionally, they attend the high school dance marathons to teach the dance, lead games, and keep morale high.

Mini Marathons Committee Chairs (4)

High School Relations Chair (2)

These chairs will work with high schools to help plan & organize their marathons (before and after).

Mini Marathons Accounting Chair

This chair will keep track of fundraising, and give advice/assistance for the committee and mini marathons

Mini Marathon Secretary Chair

This chair will be in charge of leading & organizing committee + accountability. They will also help with the New Member Committee program.

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Mini Marathons Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Ellen Balensiefer Executive
Caroline Chappell Chair
Jordan McKibbon Chair
Kylie Sowers Chair
Lexie Elliot Chair