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Committee Description

The Logistics Committee handles all stage technicalities, work marathon security, and coordinate set-up and tear down for the marathon. They will be in charge of making sure the marathon runs smoothly throughout the entirety of the event. They are hugely important to make sure that all technology runs smoothly through out the event including the slideshows and videos at the marathon.

Logistics Committee Chairs (4)

Entertainment Relations Chair

The Entertainment Relations Chair will be responsible for initiating and developing relationships with entertainers and possible entertainers for the Marathon. They are relied upon to schedule entertainment acts during the Marathon with the Logistics Executive’s assistance and relay required equipment and other information to the Event Operations Chair. This Chair will also be the second-in-command at Front of House during the Marathon, filling in time gaps with music with the use of DJ equipment and software. They will be working with sound technicians from Elliott Hall of Music throughout the event to ensure a reliable and quality sound transmission throughout the Marathon.

Facilities Management Chair

The Facilities Management Chair will be the liaison between the Co-Rec and PUDM in regard to the Marathon throughout the year. They are responsible for reserving locations within the Co-Rec for the Marathon as well as managing reservation times and set-up. In addition to working with the Co-Rec, the Facilities Management Chair will assist the Logistics Executive and the Logistics Coordination Chair with the movement of people within the Marathon, the set-up and tear-down of the Marathon, and the operation of the Co-Rec throughout the Marathon.

Event Operations Chair

The Event Operations Chair, formerly known as the Marathon Operations Chair, will be working closely with Elliott Hall of Music throughout the year planning the technical side of the Marathon. This includes, but is not limited to, the set-up of the Main Gym at the Marathon, securing a lighting, sound, and video package for the Marathon, as well as leading operations at Front of House, or the control center of the Marathon. They will be responsible for compiling a slideshow and video playlist, as well as the run-of-show timeline for the event. This position will also aid the Logistics Executive and the Logistics Coordination Chair in keeping the Marathon on-schedule by relaying the current status of the Main Gym, entertainers, and on-stage personnel.

Logistics Coordination Chair

The Logistics Coordination Chair, formerly known as the Dancer Management Chair, is a critical position in regard to the operations of the Marathon. The Logistics Coordination Chair is responsible for creating the timeline and movement of people at the Marathon with assistance from the Logistics Executive, as well as assisting the Facilities Management Chair with the operations of the Co-Rec during the Marathon, including security procedures, training, and execution. A major focus for this Chair position this year is improving the bag check procedures at the Marathon. In addition to the emphasis on improving bag check, we will be placing increased importance on improving the experience of all participants and increasing the number of members in attendance at the Marathon’s beginning and end. Someone in this Chair position can expect to tie up loose ends within Logistics that are not specifically covered by the responsibilities and duties of the other Logistics Chairs. To improve the people management skills of the individual chosen for Logistics Coordination, this position will be heavily relied upon by the Logistics Executive to plan committee member meetings, social events, and culture.

Logistics Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Zac Coons Executive donate.pudm.org/zcoons
Nicole Esposito Entertainment Relations Chair donate.pudm.org/nesposit
Chris Wolak Facilities Management Chair  donate.pudm.org/cwolak
Megan Forbes Event Operations Chair  donate.pudm.org/forbes15
Maddie Lyons Logistics Coordination Chair  donate.pudm.org/lyons54