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Committee Description

The Hospitality Committee will plan all food for the marathon as well as events prior to the marathon and set up skip-a-meals throughout the year. Hospitality will also be in charge of marathon check-in and VIP check-in. They will also run registration week which is the week prior to the marathon.

Hospitality Committee Chairs (2)

Hospitality Chair (2)

This position will require a lot of self-discipline and organization. Hospitality will consist of two Chairs. These Chairs will also be responsible to be at meetings with store owners and managers regarding marathon meals in the absence, or alongside the Hospitality Executive. As far as committee responsibilities, the Hospitality Chairs will not only be responsible for committee funds tracking, but also committee information and contact tracking. You will also be responsible for keeping the committee organized and helping create effective meetings. This can be accomplished through meetings with your Executive on deciding overall goals for the committee, planning events, and inspirational activities during meetings.

Hospitality Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Ellen Balensiefer Executive
Jessica Chinn Hospitality Chair
Phillip Phan Hospitality Chair