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Do you have any questions? Contact Lexie Elliott at hsrelations@pudm.org for more information

Committee Description

The High School Marathon Relations Committee collaborates with high schools to assist them in planning and organizing mini marathons.  Additionally, they attend the high school dance marathons to teach the dance, lead games, and keep morale high.

High School Marathon Relations Committee Chairs (4)

High School Relations Chair (3)

Assist Executive to facilitate the relationship between High School Dance Marathons and PUDM (Will be assigned 3-4 marathons). Be present at Elementary and High School Dance Marathon meetings to provide direction and advice. Communicate the needs of the Elementary and High Schools to the Executive and the Committee. Lead a Sub-Committee to collaborate on issues within Elementary and High School Dance Marathons.

HSMR Secretary Chair

Helps keep the Committee documents organized & easily accessible. Manages and tracks Committee member attendance and participation. Assists the Executive with planning efficient, informative meetings. Assists the Executive with tracking Elementary and High School Marathon progress. Compile information from elementary and high school marathon meetings.

High School Marathon Relations Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Lexie Elliott Executive  donate.pudm.org/elliot50
Carly Sandrock High School Relations Chair  donate.pudm.org/csandroc
Dani Augustin High School Relations Chair  donate.pudm.org/dklinge
Lois Carpenter High School Relations Chair  donate.pudm.org/carpen80
Daniella Pezzulo HSMR Secretary Chair  donate.pudm.org/dpezzulo