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Committee Description

The Fundraising Committee is in charge of planning and organizing cannings and other fundraising events for PUDM and keeping track of all money that is raised.  They provide encouragement and incentives to help all members of PUDM stay on track with their goals.

Fundraising Committee Chairs (3)

Fundraising Challenges Chair

Will craft ALL organization fundraising challenges and respective materials for internal team with the help of the Fundraising Executive.

Fundraising Communications Chair

Will work to ensure that fundraising committee members are being utilized to their full extent. Will function as Fundraising’s “Member Relations.” Will be Fundraising’s Exec and Chair’s right-hand man, so will need to have a solid understanding of both Fundraising and PUDM’s inter-workings.

Fundraising Development Chair

Will be resident expert on Fundraising: National best practices. PUDM best practices – Will work to integrate Fundraising into the nature of PUDM.

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Fundraising Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Larkin Cooper Executive
Jackson Otto Fundraising Challenges Chair
Liz Ruffe Fundraising Communication Chair
Kayla Gastineau Fundraising Development Chair