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Committee Description

The Fundraising Committee is in charge of planning and organizing cannings and other fundraising events for PUDM and keeping track of all money that is raised.  They provide encouragement and incentives to help all members of PUDM stay on track with their goals.

Fundraising Committee Chairs (3)

Fundraising Campaigns Chair

This chair is in charge of coordinating Summer and Day of Miracles cannings and fundraisers.

Fundraising Challenges Chair

This chair is in charge of creating and coordinating challenges such as Zero Zeros, July 4th challenge, Addy’s $105 on 10/5 etc.

Fundraising Development Chair

This chair is charge of developing fundraising tools, skills, and inspiration for our members.

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Fundraising Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Megan O'Brian Executive
Alayna Daehler Chair
Gus Dunbar Chair
Katherine Stephens Chair