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Committee Description

The Development Executive oversees member’s experience and integrates them into the organization through education, tools for success, cultivating a strong sense of community, and providing reflection opportunities to refine experiences.


*Note this committee is made up of executive and chairs*

Development Chairs (3)

Development Chair (3)

This is the first year for Development. If you are selected for this position, be prepared to work closely in a team with your Exec and Co-Chairs. You will be a part of establishing the foundation for this position. If you are a people person, this position might be a good fit for you! Our team will work to create a valuable experience for our members and cultivate a strong sense of community. This means you will be working with people from every participant level. Development will not have committee members this year. However, if you are selected for this position, you will be leading our team of Conductors. We oversee the Champion Program, so expect to be involved with the leadership of a large group of people. (Conductors are the mentors for our new members, or ‘Emerging Champions’). Assist with the creation of development initiatives, such as educational procedures & tools for success, in order to improve member retention and overall satisfaction. Assist with the improvement and leadership of on-boarding procedures and promote an inclusive experience for all members regardless of when they join PUDM. Strategize feedback opportunities and assist the Executive with purposeful initiatives aimed to improve the experience of our members.

Development Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Ali Davidson Executive
Anthony Kowalkowski Development Chair
Joey Krampen Development Chair
Colton Doherty Development Chair