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Do you have any questions? Contact Kiley Strakis at [email protected] for more information.

Committee Description

The Accounting Committee is the “behind the scenes” of all these canning for PUDM 2017! They count the money from each canning the organization does, Road Wars included; fills the deposit slips out for the bursar and adds the money to the convio pages of the individuals who worked them.

Accounting Committee Chairs (3)

Accounting Management Chair

The Deposits Chair is basically going to be the Accounting Exec’s assistant when it comes to all things deposits and uploads. They will assist in converting change, running deposits to Hovde, and doing canning uploads.  

Local Donation Chair  

The campus canning chair is going to be responsible for setting up and coordinating all of the cannings that occur in West Lafayette, Lafayette, and other areas around the Lafayette area. This will include bar cannings as well.  

Distant Donation Chair 

This chair is going to be responsible for setting up all of the Road Wars cannings. It is important that this person is very comfortable with calling businesses/people to set up the cannings, and they need to be persistent. Our goal for this year is to have 5 cannings – 2 during the spring, 1 during the summer, and 2 during the fall. With this in mind, this chair is going to be in contact with hundreds of people throughout the year.

Accounting Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Kiley Strakis Executive
Connor Rickard Chair
Jenna Gerhardt Chair
Elizabeth Ruffe Chair