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Committee Description

The Accounting Committee is the “behind the scenes” of all these canning for PUDM 2018! They count the money from each canning the organization does, Road Wars included; fills the deposit slips out for the bursar and adds the money to the convio pages of the individuals who worked them.

Accounting Chairs (4)

Accounting Chairs (4)

Manages all deposits by keeping them secure, converting coins at Purdue Federal Credit Union, and counting cash weekly. The Accounting Chair is also entrusted in finding locations for weekly cannings and Road Wars. Since we are not having committee members this year, Accounting Chairs must be present in all events and will be asked to occasionally attend other committee meetings to get to know the rest of PUDM. Accounting Chairs will be having very consistent work loads most weeks so they will need to have gaps in their schedules during BURSAR and PFCU operating hours (9am-5pm). They must also be professional since they will be representing PUDM when running buckets across campus and working with Purdue employees.

Accounting Committee Roster

Name Role Fundraising Page
Connor Rickard Executive
Madelyn Conway Accounting Chair
Caroline Blankemeier Accounting Chair
Logan Hoffman Accounting Chair
Lauren Johnson Accounting Chair