Purdue University Dance Marathon


Purdue University Dance Marathon(PUDM) was established in 2005 and is now in its 11th year and 12th marathon. Our organization raises money year around for the families at Riley Hospital for Children! In November we have an 18 hour Dance Marathon in celebration of our accomplishments. Although we do not dance the whole time we do stand for the full 18 hours, in honor of those who cannot. During the marathon we learn a line dance, play lots of games and have many entertainment acts.

Over the years PUDM has raised over $3,000,000 for the kids and families at Riley Hospital for Children. Specifically, the money raised by PUDM pays for one child’s trip to Camp Riley, annually $100,000 goes to Child Life and the remaining amount goes to Cancer Research.

PUDM has grown from having only 100 dancers in its first year, to over 2,000 in the November 2014 marathon. PUDM is, and always has been, student run. Currently, an Executive Board of 26 students and over 400 committee members are actively planning and fundraising for PUDM 2015! The amazing success of  our program could not happen  without the hard work and dedication of our students and faculty  advising staff. The marathon could not take place without the help of the Purdue and West Lafayette/Lafayette communities. We are lucky enough to work with local businesses, restaurants, prominent community figures, athletic teams, and a variety of bands to aid with the marketing, fundraising, and entertainment during the marathon.

Most importantly, PUDM has developed close and personal relationships with multiple Riley kids and families. They are the heart, soul, and inspiration for the year-round fundraising and planning of the marathon. PUDM tries to give more than just money to the hospital; we try to also provide a wonderful and special experience for our Riley kids. The marathon is a celebration of life, hope, love, and dreaming BIG!

A patient room in the new Cancer Center at Riley Hospital is named after PUDM. It’s an incredible honor and gives all involved with PUDM even more motivation to do all we can “For The Kids”.

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When donating to PUDM which benefits Riley Hospital for Children, the first $40,000 goes towards sending a child to camp Riley, the next $100,000 goes to Riley Hospital’s Child Life program, and the remaining amount that is raised goes towards cancer research. With your help and your donation we are one step closer to reaching PUDM’s One Million dollar goal and making a difference for Riley Hospital for Children.


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PUDM 2015 takes place on November 14-15, 2015
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France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center



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